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It is really hard for this old man to believe that over 60% of American voters really don’t care if we abide by our Constitution anymore. The millions of young Americans that have died protecting our freedoms in wars with ourselves and others must wonder what they died for.  

In the palatial palaces we call the White House, Capital, and the stone and marble structures of the Justice Department and Supreme Court, ethics has disappeared. The individuals that we elect and appoint have decided that our laws no longer apply to government employees. We have just one Constitution but government employees have decided they are the only ones who decide what laws are applied. Why?

The IRS is the most intrusive agency as they have the power to swat you down like a bee, just because you want to force the government to abide by the Constitution. Witch hunts to punish conservatives or any American without cause is unacceptable. Their admitted actions is a violation of our laws and the Justice department just ignores punishment. Why?

When our President lies like he does nearly every day, it is against our laws and everyone ignores it. He has perfected the practice of lying even when evidence is crystal clear with his own words and the majority of American voters really don’t care. He knows he lied during his speech to the UN about Benghazi but says on TV he never covered up the real reason we sacrificed the four American lives to get him re-elected just this week. Why?

Eric Holder, the Attorney General of this once great country has made a mockery of ethics and honesty because of his “HATRED” of white Americans. The Justice department tapping the telephones of the Associated Press is the scariest violation of our freedoms that I have ever heard about. The real question is how many more of these violations have happened that we are unaware of, yet? When Harry Reid questioned Mick Romney’s tax documents during the last election, how did he know what was in the tax documents? Obviously it was provided by the IRS. That is a violation of our Constitutional law and why was he not prosecuted? Holder ignores law violations of Democrats and the IRS leaks. His actions to ignore the Constitution and lie under oath are unacceptable and he is a wild mad man on the loose that no one can corral. Why?

Hillary Clinton, recent Secretary of State, can make fun of Congress for trying to find out why we let the four Americans die in Libya with statements that must have made the families wonder if their loved ones died in vain. The loss of one American by the hands of any terrorist, should never go unexplained. She really does not care why as the election is over now. She knows that she has three plus years for people to forget, before she runs for President again in the 2016 elections. Why?

 Have you ever read out Constitution? It is available on the Internet and it’s free. I have read it and I am astounded that we have a Supreme Court that can’t ever agree on what is says. The wording is quaint by today’s language and the interpretations by the lawyers appointed for life to protect our freedoms are based on feelings rather than facts. Why?   

I believe I have the answer. Of the hundreds of law schools we have in the United States, each one teaches their students different ways to read this simple document. Statements like we heard from President Clinton cemented my opinion. “It all matters on what the term “is, is means.” Our Law professors have taken it upon themselves to embed their political views and to hell with the Constitution. This appears to be consistent in every law school in America today. They have designed at least one semester to teach students how to “LIE” along with the associated dramatics required to smile when they perform. Why?    

I realize that liberals who run our country will never read my work. I have doubts that the independent young people and women who joined with the Democrats to elect the best con man in history can even read English.

Over 100 friends and other bloggers subscribe to and receive an E mail every time I post anything. Nearly 28,000 people have visited the site since I started a couple of years ago. Sadly most of the comments I see are from friends and family who post something on Facebook and unfortunately those comments are not shared with others. The time it takes to comment on the myriad of different sites wears me out. In addition, it does not allow me to share my responses with others. I realize that liberals who run our country will never read my work. Feedback is what keeps me motivated to spend the time to share my views. Revenue is obviously not my mission.

Does anyone out there really care “why” we have allowed our Constitution to be ignored by government employees???

C Brewer  May 2013

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2 thoughts on “CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!

  1. I have sure been smiling alot the last couple of days with all of these possible scandals landing in Teh One’s lap. I hope the outrage can last until mid-terms, then maybe – just maybe – we could actually get the little emporer out of office. I seriously can’t stand that man, or what he’s done, and allowed done, to our Country. He is the FACE of America, and right now America has a big black eye.

  2. Baxter on said:

    In one word Ron ‘Apathy’ In my mind brought on by politicians refusing to listen to their electorate and only voting the party line to keep them selves on the gravy train. The public be damned.

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