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What a simple question. Answer, enough Americans were dumb enough to elect and re-elect a President that is better than the Pied Piper in leading idiots rather than rats to jump off of a financial cliff. My friend Dr. Forrest shared these “FACTS” that defy any sanity under any excuse that Congress, the President or the “lame” street media can possibly justify. They will blame this on low level employees like they did on the IRS witch hunts exposed last week.

C Brewer


The entire Tsarnaev family (Dad, Mom, 2 sons & 2 daughters) started receiving government assistance as soon as they set foot in our country.  As political refugees they were entitled to settlement assistance from day one. It did not take long for the oldest son to impregnate and marry the daughter of a doctor. This new little Muslim family began receiving 18 months of government assistance.  They only came off welfare after the naive young “wife” started working 70 hours a week while husband Tamerlan stayed home to builds bombs and plans to kill and injure the very Americans who have paid for his pathetic existence for the past 12 plus years.

A Breakdown of your and my investment into the Tsarnaev Family:

Section 8 housing

Free public healthcare

Food stamps and other EFT transfer payments

Federal Pell Grants for both sons and probably their daughters as well.  (That is $5200.00 per year for each son or daughter who attended a college.)

City of Cambridge also awarded a $2500 per year scholarship to the younger son.

Younger son also reportedly was receiving state college scholarship.

What did Americans who paid for these freebies receive for their investment:

Oldest son, was arrested for domestic battery on a former girlfriend.

His wife was arrested last year for shoplifting $1600 in merchandise from a Lord & Taylor store.  Mother is facing immediate arrest for failure to appear regarding this matter.

We are all well aware that the two sons combined to kill four people (3 Americans & a Chinese exchange student), severely injure 100 plus other people, carjacked another victim and only let him live when they found out that he was not an American citizen.

Now we have the two pathetic parents who returned to Russia two years ago, that still draw welfare from the State claiming the sons are innocent and are being framed by the same American government that allowed for their pathetic existence the past 12 plus years.

 Does this make you feel good all over?

How frigging dumb can Americans get?

Does this make you feel really good about paying your income taxes?

When are we going to stop to this madness? 

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