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Watching the IRS leaders testify about harassing Americans with threats and wasteful delays before the House Ways and Means Committee was even worse than watching Eric Holder lying time after time before Congressional committees. The Interim IRS Director who has resigned but was fired before his resignation provided the most pitiful exhibition of stupidity I ever endured. The continuing  examples of  Cabinet and Director level incompetence, evasive and arrogant behavior has me convinced that delaying action to remove these stooges is way overdue. These people need their staff of lawyers they bring with them to know what day it is. They conveniently can never even remember what they did yesterday. Their smugness indicates they are not at all concerned that their violation of our laws will never result in our Justice Department prosecuting them. Their primary mission is running over each other racing to kiss the butts of whoever is in power at the White House. No one in Washington has any concern for the peoples lives they destroy to protect their butts. That includes the entire Congress, Executive and Judicial branches and the top level bureaucrats. 

What is a government “Inspector General” supposed to do? We appear to have thousands of them scattered around the various bloated government agencies. The one interviewed last Friday seemed alert, said all of the right words and smiled professionally. Reporting the criminal activity in the IRS appeared to be after the news reports. These people must be there to close the gate to the hen house after the fox at all of the chickens. Not one Congressman asked him why his audits did not report this in 2010 when it started. It would not surprise me to find out we have a “Five Star Inspector General” who audits the Inspector Generals. They must go into action when the press or an individual with super powers stumbles across criminal activity like the case of the IRS witch hunts that stated three or more years ago.

Watching the Congressmen perform before the public looked like they were competing for an Academy Award. The committee Republicans primary goal was impress the voters that they are our protectors when the Democrats are in power. Has anyone else ever noticed roles reverse when the White House is controlled by the GOP. They were well prepared and made the witnesses look like the fools they demonstrated they are. The committee Democrats mission was obviously designed to force the witnesses to admit they were appointed by good old George. I am still trying to understand why the Democrats had not replaced them as they have attacked and replaced everything Bush did. I wonder if they just kept them around because Republicans are supposed to be honest? Does it really matter to any Congressman who appointed anyone? They all run and hide when any government official  gets caught breaking the law. Congressmen are as sure as the bureacrats that they will never be prosecuted unless a personal issue like rape, incest, adultery or murder is committed.  They should be interested in helping the Americans that were destroyed by power hungry elected officials and bureaucrats. No one ever seems to go to jail.  

Obama just appointed the woman who was neck deep in using the IRS to punish and destroy Americans security and lives with needless use of what should be private financial information. She will be the first Director of the new IRS Obamacare storm troopers. Just think in additions to using your financial information to punish you, she will now have access to  your complete and up until now, private  health information. The government will know what religion you worship, every doctor you visit, what political beliefs you have and every donations you make. Be safe and convert to the Muslim faith, go to Canada or Mexico to see a doctor, denounce the Republican party and make all donations covertly and you will be safe until 2016 for sure.

Congressman Brady revealed in the hearing that a person in his District who applied for a non-profit organization was hounded with petty questions for two years. During that time they were subject to  three IRS audits, questioned by the FBI three times, the DEA who hounded them once and Homeland Security also dropped by with questions and OSHA audited them twice. He also stated they still had not ruled on the request which is three years old now. Its against the law for sharing private information with other agencies.

Now with the power to control what healthcare you may or may not receive, they have you by the gonads from every angle. After the ruin your finances they will be able to deny you healthcare if you get in their way. Cradle to grave control of your freedom and life if you piss them off. Why do you think the IRS punished to conservative individuals and the Justice Department tapped the phones of the Associated Press? Do you believe they broke the law accidently? How can any Democrat or the media support this? Because they don’t care as long as they can hold power whose life they ruin as they have no ethics anymore.

How is this government different from the ones the Germans suffered through in the 1930/40 time frame. You have to dance to the government song regardless of desire or they will be able to know exactly when its your time to croak. Do you think the Republicans or Demoncrats are going to do anything on their own to stop this? Not until we drain the swamp and  eliminate the alligators.

The saddest part is the same Congressmen who take turns blaming each other for things like the IRS debacle are the only people who can fix the problem. All they have to do is eliminate funding for the IRS, create a tax on what we spend rather than what we make and the deficit would disappear. This evens the playing field for the poor and the rich and encourages saving for retirement. If the movie stars and sports heroes desire to buy a private jet to escape flying with us common folks, they would pay a tax on the millions they now write off as a business expense. If we must have  socialized Obamacare make everyone pay for it unless the can’t work instead of because they refuse to work. 

Find a liberal to annoy every day, its fun! They can’t take the heat, watch Obama squirm when the media wakes up to the fact they have been brainwashed.

C Brewer May 2013

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