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Watching President Obama, Congress in general, recent IRS, Department of State, Energy Department, Education Department, Homeland Security and the Justice Department violate the US Constitution and ignore the laws raised a question. Who in our government is responsible to see that these people obey the law? This motivated me to dig deeper and everything comes up with more questions.

The Supreme Court is there to settle disputes between everyone. Their website states that the Constitution requires that the Supreme Judicial power of the United States shall be vested in the Supreme Court. This indicates to me that when the President, Congress or any branch of our government fail to perform their Constitutional duties to follow the law, it is the Supreme Court that is responsible for prosecuting the perpetrators and sentencing them to the required punishment.

Our President stated specifically that the Justice Department was violating the law for secretly monitoring both the Associated Press and some Fox News reporters and should be investigated. He obviously did not call for apologizes or for punishment of the people who violated the Constitution.  By now it is perfectly clear that no government employee ever loses their pay. Much less go to jail. Oops, one exception if they are politically conservative they can be punished like Scooter Libby. Even Democrats who get caught with their hands in the cookie jar don’t worry as they will eventually receive Presidential pardons like Mark Rich.

Hopefully you noticed I renamed our Supreme Court, as the majority of their decisions are now based on politics rather than the Constitution. The people need to demand that we create and elect a Supreme Sheriff. Clint Eastwood would be my first choice. That elected official would be prevented from voting for anyone and answering only to the people. The Sheriff would have the power to even call out the military, if necessary, to make all federal elected officials and government employees obey all laws, not just the ones they desire. If a President lied to the people he could be paraded before the Supreme Court and if that court continues to have 5-4 decisions based on politics rather than law, they would be fired on the spot. When Rangel cheated on his taxes he would be in prison instead of Congress. Same for our Treasury Secretary who should be in prison now.

When a Congressman or Senator admitted they voted on a law without reading the document, they would be fired on the spot. When an IRS person selectively destroys an American without cause they would be required to pay damages out of their own pocket instead of robbing you and me to pay their damages. Give a few of these power-hungry bureaucrats a couple of years of 3 hot’s and a cot down in Arizona at Sheriff Joe’s tent facilities. Now we give them administrative leave at full salary, hide them for a couple of years, then promote them in another government agency.

Can you believe that we are still paying a full salary to the Army Officer who killed 13 Americans and wounded several more? He has been in Jail for three years while other government employees are stiffing the people he shot and crippled with bureaucratic bull hockey. Congress, the President and the bureaucrats just smile and do nothing. Our President warns us that we must be politically correct because other Muslim idiots may be offended and want to kill more Americans. How can you upset more jihadists who are programmed from birth to kill every American possible? Read my article on Rattlesnakes and Muslims to see a solution that would actually work.

Government employees who flaunt the law, are just as dangerous as a terrorists when they harass and destroy any Americans life. Liberals will laugh off my suggestions and the welfare generation who are screwing the people who do work for a living, will just keep re-electing liberals until the well runs dry. Sucking off the government’s teat will cease when the old cow goes dry. That is when the guns and ammo Americans have been stockpiling will insure that freedom and rights will be returned to the people in America again.

I have decided to be cremated when I croak to make it absolutely certain that the IRS and the Justice Department can’t dig me up to pick my pockets or use my voter registration to insure that liberals are re-elected.

C Brewer May 2013

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