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I read an article recently In Townhall written by Marita Noon that put a new twist on stupidity you would expect to come from California or other tree-hugger or union controlled states. I was unaware New Mexico had these nut-cases to contend with. I should have known that as they voted for Obama again last year.

In April, elected county officials in a small New Mexico county became the first municipality in America to vote for and insure permanent poverty. Mora County’s unemployment is double that of most of the United States and nearly 500% greater than that of some other parts of a state where oil and gas development is booming. Fact, 23.8% of Mora County’s residents also live in poverty.

Any sane person would expect to see the Mora County Commissioners welcome the jobs that are boosting the economy in New Mexico. Instead, they voted, 2-1—in a session that reportedly violated the Open Meetings Act as the notice did not contain the date, time and place of the meeting. They passed an ordinance that permanently bans oil and gas drilling in the county.

Chairman John Olivas, an employee of New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and no political experience, explained: “We need to create other jobs. First, sustainable agriculture; second, business development; and third, eco-tourism to keep people on the land.” These county officials seem over qualified and should be in the US Congress to help the liberals shut down drilling and production nation wide. If they can get 23.8% of the nations workers unemployed, re-election will be easier.  

The Mora County GOP chairman Frank Trambly disagreed. “In our economic climate, we simply cannot afford to needlessly throw the possibility for jobs down the drain.”

Mora County has no oil and gas activity—and now it appears it never will. Lawsuits will be the only way to bring common sense to these extremists and they will make the lawyers richer. It appears that there is a potential for development and jobs based on other facts. Shell has 100,000 acres leased for development. Private interest in Mora County have more than 120 leases on state lands within the county.

In Colfax County, adjacent to Mora County, there are 950 natural gas wells. The Commissioners there don’t seem too troubled by the activity. The Colfax Country Commissioners are working on drafting ordinances that “allow oil and gas drilling while establishing standards and regulations to provide county officials control over critical aspects of the industry’s work that could affect landowners and other citizens.

Thank goodness we have leadership in Texas that forces these types of loons to move to other states to inflict their damage on the public. Unfortunately we still have to incur the wrath of the feds who hug trees and save bugs that cause damage for future generations to eliminate.

I’m still mad that Texas ever agreed to join the United States and let the feds steal our resources to offset the losses where the tree-huggers have control.

C Brewer June 2013

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    UPDATE: AP wire details lawsuit filed against Mora County

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