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It is amusing to watch the Sunday talk show host, the congressmen we elect to protect us and the paid mercenaries argue about who Enemy #1 in America.

Who do you blame for us living with the most corrupt tax system ever devised by humans? There is absolutely no doubt in this old man’s analysis that the Internal Revenue Service has become a self-anointed destroyer of our wealth and political freedoms. They even decide which religions are allowed to enjoy tax freedoms.

The waste of money by the IRS recently in the news and on my blog are absolute facts folks. The facts prove we have people who lied and broke the law. All we get is sick, watching the politicians on both sides of Congress attempt to impress us with their emotions and reasons to re-elect them.

We the people did not hire these IRS buffoons, they are appointed, hired and controlled by politicians. We did not empower these radicals to be able to oppress innocent American taxpayers, Congress did. We did not appoint or confirm Eric Holder to ignore the laws as Attorney General, Congress did. We did not make the rules that allow government employees to break our laws and harass the people, Congress did.

Now we have the facts, we know who broke our laws, we know who ignored our freedoms, we know who wastes our tax payer dollars, what will happen now? We all know that nothing will happen as soon as we forget and we will continue to re-elect incumbent politicians to protect us from our enemies. We need protection from Congress.

We should be far more worried about Congress and the Executive and Judicial branches of government who completely  disregard of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

When will the people demand that the IRS be totally eliminated with tax reforms that can only be created by Congress?

As long as we allow a big and bloated government to abuse us, the politicians are going to continue to support the oppressive bureaucracy that now extracts or extort trillions of dollars of our money each year.

I’ve had enough and until we demand that Congress protect us from our own government as well as terrorists, I am not a happy camper. Are you?


C Brewer

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