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Fifty three years ago this day I married Norma Maxey, my partner in life and the greatest mother of our four wonderful children and Grammy to our seven grandchildren. This warm and wonderful lady has made me the happiest man on earth with her 100% support and love.

I hope that everyone who reads this message will enjoy the happiness I have enjoyed for all of these years. I am a fortunate man!

C Brewer

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6 thoughts on “ANNIVERSARY

  1. Jo K. on said:

    Congratulations to BOTH of you!!!

    Jo K.

    Kelada Tibetan Spaniels

    Princeton, TX 75407

  2. Ronda on said:

    Happy Anniversary! Love you both!!

  3. I’m thinking of all the women on this Planet, Norma is probably the only one that could have tolerated Grumpy for 53 years. She deserves several Nobel Peace Prizes. Thanks to both of you for being our dear friends.

  4. Baxter on said:

    Happy Anniversary Brewers, from down-under. You are both an inspiration to all of us.

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