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Having an 83 year window to witness history has provided me the knowledge to share my Conservative Views. Our Second Amendment to the Constitution provides me the freedom to share these views. WordPress.com provides me the platform to exhibit and share my views.

Writing this on Independence Day was possible after watching the Egyptian people fearlessly rebel when their elected leaders ruthlessly eliminated their freedoms.

Watching this event unfold twice in recent years shows me that Americans, in general, really do not even understand what has been happening here over the past fifty years. We have watched our leaders slowly change our country from a United States to one where half of Americans hate and survive off of the other half.

Egyptian President Marsi tried too fast to accomplish what the Progressive Liberals have done to Americans and we see military leadership in Egypt stop the process.

What a shame that we do not have the military leadership in America to stop the race to destroy our Republic.

If Obama had been President 50 years ago we actually had military leaders that would have stepped in and stopped the destruction of our freedoms. Patton, Eisenhower, McArthur were leaders. Americans today do not even know who leads our military.

The Progressives have gutted the military, lowered their esteem and hid them from view. Some of our military leaders have self-destructed due to moral lapses and ethics that would have never happened 50 years ago.    

Sadly we are rapidly losing our freedoms because Congress, the Supreme Court and the Obama Czars totally ignore the laws. The Progressive have enough Americans living off the government teat to never fear losing power. Our military just stands at attention and watches the lawlessness and ignores it.

It won’t be long before Americans will celebrate Gay Rights, Cinco-de-Mayo, Free Abortion Day, Same Sex Marriages and Emperor Obama’s Coronation on the Fourth of July. They have the military to protect them now.

The Egyptian people have the gonads to stand up for freedom like Americans did in 1941. The majority of Americans now just sit on their butt, hold out their hand and complain that they do not get enough welfare.

We don’t need our military to suspend our Constitution like they did in Egypt. We need the military to make Congress, the Supreme Court and the President to abide by the one we have.

If Nobel had a prize for “Conquering a Country without Firing a Shot”, Obama would be uncontested.



C Brewer 7-4-13

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  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    Strong words Clyde proposing a military revolution to unseat a democratically elected government! That’s one of the problems with democracy, we don’t always get the result we would prefer.



    • We will not have a democracy unless drastic changes are made. I made no mention of a revolution but we will have one if that I will pinpoint in the artisle I told you I was working on. This will happen after I’m gone but it will happen if changes are not made. I am not through with my fact finding and it will blow your wig off.

  2. Baxter Henderson on said:

    Last night I watched a doco by a guy named Oliver Stone who would disagree. He implies that the military have taken over the government! 1.3 trillion to the military versus a total budget of 3 trillion. The country is almost bankrupt because of the military’s demands over the last ten/15 years. If nothing changes, it will be bankrupt. I don’t know who Oliver Stone is but I doubt the documentary would have been shown on US television it was so damning of governments since Bush senior. Not necessarily my opinion but what he was saying needs to be considered.



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