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If the Black leaders in America continue shoving hatred and dividing the people into racial groups and punishing the successful for busting their butts we will have another civil war. Sadly these hate filled leaders have done more harm to their own people that the slave owners ever did. Equality is gained from participating and challenging yourself. Not from waiting for a welfare check and contributing nothing to this great country.

I dearly hope someone, including one or more in my family, will retain this article beyond my life on earth and evaluate this prediction of America’s future. I have been working for over two years to get this out of my mind and recorded. The damage to our freedoms has been racing at warp speed since we elected and re-elected our first Black American President and he surrounded himself with leaders that spew hate.

I have never been a racist although I have probably seen more racism in my lifetime than 98% of American’s alive today. I never attended school with a Black or a Hispanic person. I served in the US Navy where Black and Filipino sailors were housed in segregated barracks. I also worked in 32 countries where racism and unequal rights still exist today. I witnessed families walking along the road sides where the woman walked behind the man, dog and camel as that was her place in order of Muslim importance. Was any of this acceptable or right, no!

Our President has orchestrated the movement to place the blame for racist actions for the entire history of America on the current white and Hispanic population of today. Not one living white American, legal or illegal person of Hispanic blood, ever stood before the nation on national TV and pleaded for slavery or restricting a woman’s rights. For that matter, not one living Black American ever lived through slavery. Reverends Jackson, Sharpton and Wright along with Attorney General Holder and several Black Congressmen spew their hatred like our current White and Hispanics citizens sailed the slave ships themselves.  

Now for my specific prediction of the future that could happen near what would be my 100th birthday in 2030. It will probably be ten more years around 2040. Black and Hispanic folks you had better wake up. I predict that the White people will side with the leaders that unite rather than divide us.

I worked and visited Mexico for over 30 years and never saw a Black Mexican or a Black person working in that country. The only other Hispanic country I have visited was Costa Rica and the same lack of Black citizens was fact. For that matter I have worked in eight Muslim nations including a North African country, Algeria. No Black citizens were seen there either. So what, you will probably say, I’ll continue.

As the white population growth in America is steadily decreasing, you need to look at where the gain is coming from. The Census is a great source of facts and I will share some of them with you. Without boring you with mountains of data, let’s take a look at the last two census reports.


The US total population grew from 281,745,538 in 2000 to 308,745,538 in 2010 for a 9.7% gain. The Black population grew from 38,419,434 in 2000 to 42,060,743 in 2010 for a 9.1% gain. The Hispanic population grew from 16,907,852 in 2000 to 29,735,538 in 2010 for a gain of 57%. Whoa, what’s happening folk’s?


If we have 11 to 13 million illegals being shoved by our democratic Congress and President Obama to become citizens as soon as possible, what are their reasons?

If we assume 90% of the illegals are Hispanic will this increase the number of total Hispanics to nearly or possible exceed the number of Blacks that can vote today? 


Currently our national leadership in America is controlled by Black politicians, some who were elected by the people, most by screaming the loudest at any microphone the media thrust in their face. They currently consists of President Obama, Eric Holder, Valarie Jarrett, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Reverend Wright and a host of Congressmen who appear brain dead. Do you wonder who the Black leaders will choose to replace President Obama after he retires to Hawaii in 2017? We have some brilliant Black leaders in America that will never get a black vote like Dr. Sowell, Larry Elder, Bill Cosby and thousands more. Why, because they are conservatives with common sense.

It is obvious to me that Black leaders like the ones mentioned above depend on buying their votes with welfare. They have sustained what some white leaders like Franklin Roosevelt and good old Texan, Lyndon Johnson started with buying votes with pay for doing nothing but voting democratic. Old Lyndon had to stuff ballot boxes with Hispanic votes and create a welfare society in South Texas just to be elected to the Senate. Old Lyndon mesmerized the Hispanics and introduced them to being welfare slaves.

Blacks and Hispanics were encouraged to depend on welfare, a form of slavery. Look at the statistics revealing the number of the currently unemployed and imprisoned Blacks and Hispanics. Fortunately hungry new Hispanics migrated north and were hired to do the work that the Blacks and Hispanics had been enslaved to do. There freedoms and jobs were taken away by greedy politicians and drug Lords in Mexico and Central America.

Hispanics are hard workers as I observed in the years I was consulting in Mexico. Unfortunately Hispanics prefer to isolate themselves together rather than disperse into the white communities like the Blacks were encouraged to do, and did. Hispanics were misguided into hiding in the shadows of the barrios from Florida to California. Without strong national leaders they focused their power on local and state levels.

Recently we see brilliant new Hispanic national leaders like Senators Cruz and Rubio emerge with new energy to unite all Americans rather than divide us. If they are as smart as they appear, they will convince and encourage the Hispanic people in America, to be Americans instead of invaders.

When Hispanics desire to be free from the corrupted government here in America as they were in the countries they fled, they will be Americans. They still must overcome the resistance to speak English if they ever desire to be American national leaders.

If the Hispanic people will support these new leaders they will eventually understand what freedom means and become part of the greatest nation on earth. 


In the next 15 to 25 years America will see its first Hispanic American elected President. This could happen sooner but the majority of Hispanics do not even trust these emerging new leaders. Leaders are not born, they work hard to gain the respect of everyone, not just a single segment of society like the ones we have today. Leaders unite and excite everyone, not just minorities with misjudgments that happened 200 years ago like indentured slavery. Slavery today is man-made poverty created by politicians.

If the Black leaders do not wake up and see that we are all Americans, they are in for a real surprise. The trends in population increases will eventually produce Hispanic power to control the national scene, like it has in some states. The Hispanic voters will awaken to understand what freedom really means someday.

The only thing the two races agree on today is voting for a democrat. The democratic leadership that promotes the welfare approach to buying votes will disappear when the Hispanic people wake up and recognize they are still slaves to corrupt politicians. They migrated to escape the same kind of corrupt politicians they had before they crossed the border.

Hispanics, listen to the new leadership and escape the welfare slavery. Be Americans and make America a better place to live.

Black folks, when the Hispanics wake up you are in for a rough ride. If they focus on uniting the people rather than dividing them, guess who the minority White people will support. If you think the White people were tough, buckle your seat belts. White people bought slaves sold by Black African brothers. White people introduced Blacks to freedom of religion and eventually freedom that many Africans still do not have. Peace between the Blacks and Hispanics will never happen as it never has. History will compare the next civil war to the situation between the Jews and the Arabs who will never be at peace with each other.

White people did make indentured slaves out of the Native American Indians, most still suffer a worse life than any free Black or Hispanic person. Hispanics are also of Indian descent and their track record for dealing with enemies is quite dramatic when they have the power. Peace between the Blacks and Hispanics will never happen as it never has.

Let me quote a rather famous American when I warn all to become Americans first and Blacks and Hispanics second.

“Any man who thinks that he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian.” Henry Ford

The next civil war in America will be between the Blacks and the Hispanics if both can’t wake up and be Americans.

C Brewer July 2013

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  1. Ronda on said:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! Clyde you just put into words what thousands of people think but do not know how to say it! Thank you! I hope this is distributed to lots of people. You have a lot of people behind you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    • Ronda, you made my day. I have been very discouraged recently as no one ever comments on my work. God and my parents provided me with a mind that I decided to fill with knowledge over my 83 years. Sharing my life and wisdom outside my family has been a pleasure but I was nearing a decision to stop wasting my time. Sadly less than 100 people follow my blog and few take the time to provide feedback. Thank you.Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Nailed it pop

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