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This article was written by my friend Ron Jenkins. He has given me permission to post it on this blog and share it with anyone who is concerned. Feel free to re-blog it or share it with anyone you wish.  C Brewer.



In my view, this country is being led by a “pied piper”, and away from its Judeo-Christian roots and the rule of law. Is our current administration is turning its back on our founding document? Evidence points to an affirmative answer.

A century long trickle of Liberal, Progressive doctrinal literature, has grown into an avalanche of political policies, legislation, appointments and position pieces that diminish the impact and importance of the US Federal Constitution, as an out dated document and passé. The speed of their drafting is proof that the Liberals had those documents in their file cabinet since the demise of “Hillary Care”. As well as many other pieces of legislation and programs such as those promoting “Green” and “Clean Air” initiatives and the un-restricted intake of foreigners.

That assertion seems to be provable, as evidenced by the extreme ideological bent of recent Presidential nominee’s to his Cabinet, Senior Advisory positions and the Federal court system.  Many of those individuals have a common background in “acadamia”, with very limited practical, managerial experience in business or the military (A three year stint as an Army Sgt, does not qualify Chuck Hagel to be a Secretary of Defense).  His most recent appointee’s to the US Supreme Court, the honorable Kagan & Soto-Mayor, as well as nationwide Federal Districts, reflects a disproportionate number of Liberal-Progressive appointees that share his disdain for our constitution. 

Having attained a significant degree of control over two of the three branches of the federal government, he is turning his attention back to the campaign trail.  He is strenuously promoting the election of Democrat members to the US House of Representatives, the remaining half of the third branch of our government. 

If the current trend in recent elections continues, we could see decades of Democrat dominance.  With nearly half of the nation’s population receiving some sort of government assistance via transfer payments, the incentive for individual achievement and personal initiative, is on the wane.  Human nature being what it is, people will opt for free stuff and a comfortable living by scamming the system and by claiming unauthorized disability payments and demanding the extension of unemployment compensation payments.  Why would anyone want work and pay for the life style of their neighbor? 

Achieving political dominance, there would be almost no limit to his power aspirations.  He may even attempt to rescind the 22nd amendment to the US Constitution, which limits to two, the number of terms a President may serve. After that, a 3rd, 4th or 5th term may be feasible, along with a compliant legislature and lap dogs in the federal courts; we would be susceptible to tyrannical rule.   

And yet, what has this man actually done to benefit this country? 

Is anything better than it was, before he was elected?

Is the economy better?

Are race relations better?

Is our position in the world improved, has our level of respect by the world been enhanced? None of that seems to matter to the millions of undereducated, welfare raised citizens in our country today.

So, should the aforementioned political outcomes actually happen, we would then be only a stone’s throw away from 3rd world status, at the same level as current day Greece and Mexico, because no nation, in the history of this world, has long survived under a Socio-Communist-Totalitarian regime.  Only by reading and listening and learning about the threats can we as a citizenry be able to properly react to the possible demise of our precious freedom. 

Thanks Ron, I endorse every statement made in this article. What we have in America today is “Involuntary Slavery”. Wikipedia will tell you that there is no such term. I will shortly be posting an article that will define this term by what is actually happening in America and no one has the guts to call it slavery, yet.  C Brewer

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