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I have researched the terms Slavery, Indentured Servants, Forced Labor, Chattel Slavery, Bonded Labor, Contemporary Slavery, Forced Labor and involuntary Servitude. All are against the law in the United States today. However all have been used in the US during history. What we have today is a Liberal-Progressive movement that has and still is, using these methods of mind control rather than actual bondage. This provides the same result due to fear, illegal activity and reducing the intelligence of the poor by deliberate design.

What definition would you use to explain what was done to separate the indigenous population of American Indians from the illegal aliens, that has forced them into a form of bondage that still exists today. They are paid to just shut up and live on reservations. Maybe we should have taken them to the Mexican border and escorted them into Mexico?

We have been watching the reverse of this idea being used by Mexico to make sure the poor must learn to swim or climb fences to survive. Do they really want to come to America? Probably not but do they really have any other options beyond starvation, extortion or true Slavery if they stay in Mexico?

We pay to bring the poor from the Arab/Muslim world to escape the same fate. Why? We allow political chicanery to bring in the poor from just about every country on earth. Why do we force the Hispanics to swim or climb fences and just ignore they are here? At least they work for a living until they discover welfare pays better wages.

The Liberal-Progressives movement has mastered the use of the Involuntary Slavery to control the destiny of the Hispanics for far too many years. These people were poorly educated before they got here and Democrats make sure they have to live in the shadows for fear of being sent back. The Liberal-Progressive movement also makes sure they remain poor, under-educated and rely on the Democratic saviors for food, medical care and protection from the mean Conservatives who want them to be Americans, speak English and enjoy freedom.

The days of the Hispanics being wanderers or Nomads as the Arabs profess to be may be ending. It appears that some Hispanics have removed the Democratic noose, gained more education and have decided to be leaders rather than sheep.

Some five years ago the Liberal-Progressives finally found mixer race Pied Piper they allowed to become President. Since then, with Obama as their puppet, they have had a field day wrecking the Constitution. Using Obama they have strengthened their hold on the Blacks who believe they are in control of America. Are they in for a surprise when they discover they are just Involuntary Slaves destined to remain poor and depend on the government for everything with “Obamamoney”? The Blacks had their chance to prove they have leadership stature and blew it with hatred and desire for Socialism. They want a civil war now for some idiotic reason.

With Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the people who are training to get the attention of the Hispanic Involuntary Slaves, watch how fast we see the Hispanic switch to the conservative movement. Even the Blacks, who seek economic and political freedom but they do not even know what they have and are being manipulated by the Liberal-Progressive Slave owners who control America and most of the world. They can’t call it Slavery as it would backfire. They have proven it is the most effective way to buy the votes to stay in power.

Now for my definition of Involuntary Slavery;

“People who are unaware that the use of power, money, food, threats, intimidation, mind control and propaganda is being used to convince them that they are better off living off of the hard work of others and let the government provide cradle to grave subsistence”.

You Democrats laugh now as it will take a few years for the class of educated Hispanics to root you out. McCain and the legions of Republicans-in-name-only politicians will be gone and the Liberal-Progressive movement will be reversed. Unfortunately, as I previously predicted, there will be another civil war and the Blacks will not be on the winning side this time. Life on a reservation like the Indians enjoy will be far better than swimming the Rio Grande River headed south. Even the African nations would not take old Jessie, Al or the legions of Black radicals in Congress today. Maybe they could try Russia. 

C Brewer

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