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My friend Dr. Forrest sent me this letter. It is too realistic to be manufactured. I have no doubt we had people all around this area in support of clandestine operations at this time. CB

I know this lady, so I know it is the truth!

Andrew’s Story

Richard and I have just spent several days with our grandson, Andrew, who has just gotten out of the Marines. It was a wonderful visit…we had so much to catch up on…and Andrew’s time in the Marines was certainly part of it. He told us a story that I think all Americans should hear and I’m going to repeat it here for you. 

I’m not sure it’s really necessary, but I have removed his name just to be on the safe side.  He’s no longer in the military so probably it wouldn’t matter.  I did ask him if he’d get in trouble if I told the story and he said no.

Send it to as many as you want. As I said, sorry if I didn’t get the military jargon correct.

Our grandson has just gotten out of the Marines. He was deployed to Afghanistan for about 8 months, but the story I’m about to tell you is when he was stationed on a carrier off the coast of Libya.

During the Banghazi fiasco A’s ship was in Libyan waters just off the coast. (I’m not good at military terminology so forgive me if I get this part wrong).

A’s “squad” was about 128 men, divided into “platoons” of about a dozen men each, A was in charge of his platoon.  When it was known that the consulate was under siege, the entire squad was given combat ready orders. They were stationed, guns in hand, (his words) and sleeping at the foot of helicopters whose engines were running slowly (they do this so that the copter can move out more quickly) waiting to be deployed. 

If word had been given, they could have been in Banghazi in under 20 minutes….10 to board the helicopter, 10 to fly in! They could see Tripoli from the ship! Their mission: to secure the consulate…which means go in and remove all foreigners! He said there was no question that 128 Marines could have saved the lives of those 4 Americans, including an ambassador.   THEY WERE NEVER DEPLOYED!

I tell you this because now, when you hear your government tell you that no one could have been there in time to have saved those American lives you have heard a first-hand experience to the contrary.  Now you KNOW you have been lied to! 


We will never get the truth as our government has become so power obsessed they selectively decide what laws to enforce to entrench their power.  CB

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