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Watching the House this morning vote on the stripping of funding for Obamacare motivated me to visit Wikipedia again and refresh my knowledge. Unfortunately the House Republicans will cave in and watch the Senate continue their support for Obama to destroy the Republic. Democrats know they will regain control of the House next year and maintain control of the Senate and complete their race to finalize a Democratic Socialist future for the “Un-united States of America.

When I looked into the definition of “Responsibility” I was blown away. I really did not know there are eighteen different kinds of responsibility. Let me walk you through two, “moral” and “diffusion” of Responsibility. The Wikipedia words are in quotation signs and my comments will be in red “italic” print.

“Moral responsibility is the status of morally deserving praise, blame, reward, or punishment for an act or omission, in accordance with one’s moral obligations. Deciding what if anything is morally obligatory is a principal concern of ethics.

People who have moral responsibility for an action are called moral agents. Agents are capable of reflecting on their situation, forming intentions about how they will act, and then carrying out that action. Free will is an important issue in the debate on whether individuals are ever morally responsible for their actions—and, if so, in what sense. Incompatibilists think that determinism is at odds with free will, whereas compatibilists think the two can coexist.

Moral responsibility is not necessarily the same as legal responsibility. A person is legally responsible for an event when it is that person who is liable to be penalised in the court system for an event. Although it may often be the case that when a person is morally responsible for an act, they are also legally responsible for it, the two states do not always coincide.”

Wow, it’s a shame that elected politicians are apparently protected from having any legal responsibility when they enact laws. In fact, they have no legal responsibility to even follow the laws they enact. There is no question Congress has no moral or ethical responsibility or they would stop ignoring the Constitution. They enacted Obamacare and then exempted all government employees from suffering the consequences that have been dumped on the rest of us.

I hope I live long enough to see Congress do something to stop reducing our individual freedoms. They ignore common sense and the peoples will when it might cause them to lose the next election. When will Congress support the majority opinion of the people?

“Diffusion of responsibility occurs in large group settings and under both prosocial and antisocial conditions. In prosocial situations, individuals’ willingness to intervene or assist someone in need is inhibited by the presence of other people. The individual is under the belief that other people present will or should intervene. Thus, the individual does not perceive it as his or her responsibility to take action.

It has been demonstrated that the likelihood of a person offering help decreases as the number of observers present increases. This is known as the bystander effect. In addition, diffusion of responsibility is more likely to occur under conditions of anonymity. In prosocial situations, individuals are less likely to intervene when they do not know the victim personally. Instead, they believe that someone who has a relationship with the victim will assist. In antisocial situations, negative behaviors are more likely to be carried out when the person is in a group of similarly motivated individuals. The behavior is driven by the deindividuating effects of group membership and the diffusion of feelings of personal responsibility for the consequences. As part of this process, individuals become less self-aware and feel an increased sense of anonymity. As a result, they are less likely to feel responsible for any antisocial behavior performed by their group. Diffusion of responsibility is also a causal factor governing much crowd behavior, as well as risk-taking in groups.

Diffusion of responsibility can manifest itself: In a group of people who, through action or inaction, allow events to occur which they would never allow if they were alone. This is referred to as groupthink and groupshift. In a group of people working on a task who lose motivation, feel less responsibility for achievement of group goals, and hide their lack of effort in the group (social loafing). In hierarchical organizations, when subordinates claim to simply be following orders and supervisors claim that they merely issue directives and do not perform the actions under question. The difficulty of identifying the culpable party is often seen in trials regarding crimes against humanity.”

All you need to do is watch C-Span or live telecasts of any Congressional activity to see how “Diffusion of Responsibility” is conducted. Better than that if you have seen any of President Obama’s thousands of speeches you have watched the “Master of Diffusion” perform. The only time, and there have been few, where he has accepted responsibility are his Nobel Peace Prize and killing Osama. Oops I failed to include his creating Obamacare which history will record as the reason for destroying the terms “full time employee”, “Company Pensions”, Fringe Benefits” and probably hundreds of other perks used to keep good employees. Everyone can’t work for the government and its protected benefits.

Using only one hand and no toes, count how many times Obama, Congress, all government agencies combined have publically accepted responsibility for anything negative. Please write these down and send me a copy so I can admit I was wrong.

Expecting the Republicans to accept responsibility and have enough courage to vote their individual and ethical responsibility is as futile as expecting even one Democrat in a blue state to do the right thing. The only Democrats that will support doing the right thing are the ones whose terms expire next year in a red state.

It’s a shame Obama can’t blame George Bush for the threat of a government shut-down. The best thing for the people who work for a living can hope for is a shut-down and a new beginning. Don’t expect this to happen as the Republicans in Congress will concede defeat as usual.

Boehner can beat his chest like Tarzan as he did today on TV, then run and hide with the other cowards on both sides of the aisle.

C Brewer  9-20-13

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