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I never dreamed that the Republicans in the House would stick together and make Harry Reid and Obuma look like fools. I dearly hope that the voters in every state remember every Demoncrat, especially in the Senate that, that were responsible for shoving OBUMACARE down the throats of the taxpayers. They can try to blame  others but allowing some to opt out and opting out themselves can never be explained away as fair to anyone but themselves. It is sad that the government now controls what we see and hear on TV, what we read in the newspapers and deny they have the power. Our media output reminds me of the news out of Germany when I was a boy assuring Europe they were no threat.

We still have no leadership in our government to do what they are required to do by the Constitution. They just use what parts help them get re-elected and the Supreme Court is controlled by politics rather than the laws of the land. We have a Justice Department who ignores justice for anyone but the Blacks and Hispanics that keep the Progressive-Liberals in total control of our government.

The propaganda machine is now in overdrive to brainwash the people that the Republican House is the enemy. Demoncrats have called  the Republicans terrorists, and every other name they can look up in a dictionary to make them look responsible for the shutdown. Reid and the Senate, including a few Republicans like Graham and McCain have been holding their breath hoping for the shutdown. Like our President they want total control of your life from Washington D.C.

Now its time to stop creating new entitlement programs, if they want a single payer system use Medicare, cancel Medicaid and make Medicare the law of the land for everyone, including the President. That system is in place, operating like any other government program, miserably, but it is in place, just tweak it and comply.

Will this happen, no, the Regal Status we have allowed our elected officials to establish, including lifetime judicial positions, have total control of everything we hear, read with one major exception, the Internet. They will get control of this as soon as they finish destroying the best healthcare system ever created.

I understand the government will keep the Posy Office, Amtrak and probably the TVA because the generate revenue. As none of them have ever made a profit and the Post Office alone is looking at just a $6,000,000,000 loss this year, which is much better than last year, we should be elated. I am not happy with any loss, are you? If they would just give the Postal Service away and we could save billions and Wal-Mart could make a nice profit and pay taxes too. I doubt anyone would take the TVA or Amtrak as a gift.

C Brewer

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  1. Hooray!!!!!!!! Thumbs up Clyde!!!!

  2. Baxter Henderson on said:

    Andrew tells me your Texas senator Ted Cruz was born in Canada. He now rails against immigration??? Go figure.



    • His mother is American and he was born a citizen of both. I used to have a business partner in Canada where we started a company together that had dual citizenship. He is not against immigration, only illegals that sneak in. Cruz is a leader, we have no one in Congress, the White House or the Supreme Court who is a leader. Our government has not had a leader since Reagan.

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