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I have been listening to Neil Cavuto interview both Demoncrats and Republicans all morning and listening to the dialog is unbelievable. These people are quite perceptive, in their own minds, that most Americans will believe anything if it comes from “their” Congressman.

Most Americans, and apparently our President or most Congressmen, appear and act as if they have never been to a Board of Directors meeting of a major corporation or managed a business. It is a fact that management of our government has no resemblance to the fiduciary responsibility of both the President and Board of Directors of “ANY” incorporated business in America.

To explain this responsibility for anyone who may not be aware, shareholders are protected by law from mismanagement of their assets by management. Should you care and not desire to grab the dictionary, “fiduciary” means you have confidence and trust in the people you elect to manage your assets. Anyone who has fiduciary confidence and trust in the performance of our current President and Congress is insane.

To try to understand, picture our President as the Chief Operating Officer and Our Congress as the Board of Directors and you as a shareholder. You have invested your life and savings in their hands to be protected from mismanagement or any enemy.

Should a company face financial or any other uncertainty, the President would gather the Board of Directors and they would find a solution or the President would be fired. Someone else would be hired to “LEAD” the company and solve the problem (‘s). If the Board of Directors lost the trust and confidence of the shareholders they would be replaced.

Our Constitution provides the mechanism to replace the President if he refuses or can’t LEAD and we certainly have this happening today. A real leader would gather Congress and they would stay locked in a room together until they found solutions. If they can’t agree Congress should fire the President and replace him with someone who they can trust.

Unfortunately this will never happen as our Congress is as leaderless as the President and sadly it will be three more years before the shareholders can act. One thing we, the shareholders, can do is replace 468 of the Board of Directors next year. The problem we face is that the majority of the shareholders have a vote but they contribute nothing in the form of assets and they have nothing to lose.

They just announced that the House has passed a bill to pay the government workers for any pay lost due to the shutdown. If they are going to be paid and and had any sense of responsibility, they would go back to work to help the people who need them.  Do you need them?  If you feel like paying people to sit home and do nothing to make political points is responsible, you also need help. If you are paying taxes does that make any business sense? Is Congress, our Board of Directors, acting fiducially and responsible?

America is functioning like a ship without a Captain or a rudder. Our Secretary of State announced this morning the world will think we are crazy rather than leader of the world economy. Folks, we are crazy and the reason is we have no leaders.

If we, the shareholders, ever wake up and recognize that the government is the enemy we may be able to save the ship. I started with a question in the title of this message. I think we are being mismanaged by real life “Lunatics, supported by the lunatics who voted for them.

How do you feel?

C Brewer

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2 thoughts on “LEADERS OR LUNATICS?

  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    Exactly Clyde. That would even happen in our Village committee! What a bunch of losers!



    • You are beginning to see what is happening that sadly will continue until we go bankrupt which has been the objective of the Liberal-Progressive movement for over 100 years. The Brits are deeply involved and I still have no clue why. Money controls everything and dividing Americans is necessary to control the the military while they are being weakened. I know some think I’m note but history will prove me right. That is one reason I work so hard to document as much as possible before they make it a crime to criticize the government.

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