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Now that Congress has agreed to pay all government employees for any time lost while the President and Congress entertain us with their game of “CHICKEN”. Why don’t the lazy employees go back to work? It appears Obama issued orders for them not to report for work until he wins the battle with power rather than common sense. Oops, I forgot “Common Sense” died in January 2009 if not before. By the way, “Leadership” was buried in the same casket.

Obama just announced that 200 FEMA employees were recalled to prepare for the disturbance in the gulf and now that the storm is over 100 will have to be furloughed again. Why is anyone not working if they will be paid for any time they are furloughed period?  Earlier this morning it was reported that the 800 square mile Florida Keys National Park has not only been closed but they have doubled the number of Park Service employees to make sure that the thousands of private businesses can’t be opened and making sure that visitors are turned away so they can’t purchase merchandise or services like fishing charters.

Overreaction is obviously by the direct orders of the President to save face and make people miserable. The issue at the World War II memorial last week was one of the dumbest actions by the President since he sacrificed American lives in Libya to assure he was re-elected.

My opinion of the value and dedication of government employees loyalty and performance was not very high before the latest war of who can be the most stubborn, Congress or Obama. The country would be better off if we shut the entire federal government down, fire Congress and the President and let the State Governors take over all government operations. Then let the military protect us from our enemies without working for an ex-Staff Sargent and a pot smoking President.

Folks, the current government is a bigger enemy of the people than all of the Muslim extremist that exist in the world. The sane Egyptian people at least have a military that protects them from the extremist government politicians. If sanity does not reappear in Washington pretty fast maybe the Egyptian Army would help us?

American politics, politicians, the federal courts and the main stream media are totally out of control. Sadly nothing is being down and those listed do not even care about the people. Even “Mules”  can live with each other without constant combat and dissent and we call them stubborn.    

C Brewer   

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  1. Lisa Felske on said:

    I am not an expert on this by any means but Thomas is a government employee. He has been categorized as essential personnel because of the work they do for FEMA. This means he has to go to work but will not get paid until the furlough is over.

    I also don’t think it is fair to categorize people as lazy when they are being told not to report to work.

    I’m not disagreeing with you- I agree that Obama is sacrificing government employees for his own agenda.

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  2. Anonymous on said:

    Hit the nal on the head.

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