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Watching the news today about the leadership in Washington is like watching a soap opera or what you might expect to see in Venezuela or Iraq. The only difference is, so far people are not being jailed or shot when they disagree with the Government.

I doubted that anything could exceed the insanity of Congress’s decision to pay government employees, who are unimportant, their full salaries because Obama and the republicans pissing contest forced them to stay home.

Never underestimate the lack of wisdom of Congress and our President, as they try to satisfy an electorate that is more divided than any time in my lifetime. They will not take the risk of losing an election, as most expect to have lifetime jobs riding the fence and building retirement fortunes. They do not have to produce results like a business executive and with most being lawyers they are trained to defend criminals even when they are guilty.

They did not disappointment me today with the latest news that government employees who have been chosen as the least necessary are eligible for State unemployment pay. Thousands of the least necessary have filed for State unemployment  benefits in the Washington area already. They will be paid unemployment money even though everyone knows they will be reimbursed for 100% of their pay when the fiasco is over.

These people pay nothing into a State unemployment fund but can receive benefits that are  actual paid for by private sector working employees. Another inequity accepted as normal for government employees only. Is this fair? If so why?

Why don’t they just eliminate their jobs if they are unimportant and subcontract the work to private companies who pay taxes. Competitive bidding and not having to provide government fringe benefits would provide more jobs and responsibility to do the work error free. This has never been required for government employees that can’t be fired for performance.

One asset we do have in Congress, the Executive and Legal branches of government is, h’mmmm. No leadership, no fiscal control, no common sense, stubbornness, no planning, greed, fraud, political rather than practical decisions, tax evaders, liars, showmen, orators and bull-crap artists.  

Lifetime Judges, Congressmen, Executive branch employees apparently judge the above as assets. For some strange reason I am having trouble evaluating these functions as assets. If I was making an executive review of performance, that I had to do in private industry, it would be easy to recommend termination as the corrective action to improve performance of the entire government.

That would be common sense but I just remembered my headline for this Blog. Common sense is now a federal crime punishable by bonuses, pay increases and better benefits if you work for the US government.

By the way they have no way to collect the unemployment pay the unnecessary government employees receive when they get their back pay. You essential government employees, who are working, are being paid less than the people who are not essential. Sor’ta strange isn’t it?

Does anyone out there understand our government in action or in-action?

C Brewer

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  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    It’s one helluva mess Clyde. I did see, is it Reilly or O’Reilly, upbraiding a Republican spokeswoman for being rude to a Democrat spokeswoman. She was laughing out loud while the Democrat was making her point. O’Reilly said there was no room for rudeness on his programme. He lifted in my estimation with that comment.



    • O’Reilly, is less biased than most and he will not let anyone go hog wild like Hannity and some of the others. I like Bill Hemmer and Bret Baier but the rest, including O’Reilly are sensationalist and show men/women. I do not watch any other network as they are buffoons and stooges.

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