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For anyone who cares, which is questionable for Liberal-Progressives, this message includes a summary of the duties and responsibilities of our sworn to be  impartial members of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. I suppose that at some time in history, all members of this Court actually followed the laws of the land, not so in my lifetime! It is a fact that today our current Court follows the political will of the powerful and to hell with the Constitution. It is a crying shame that we can find nine people at any one time out of over 300 million plus illegals that can place honesty, ethics and partiality above individual ideology and political partisanship. 

Money and power control every aspect of our American Federal Government today. History will reveal someday, that the Affordable Care Act is the most blatant violation of people’s rights under the Constitution that has ever been enacted in America. The Supreme Court, on any critical issue, can be predicted 90% of the time to be a five to four vote. The split is never based on the law, it is based on the differences of biased human beings as payback for the lifetime appointment to the court. Our entire legal system has been bastardized by power and money far too long.

Based on my reading of the following responsibilities of the Supreme Court, they just ignored their basic duty of “Leading the Judicial Branch of the Federal Government”. The flagrant way our Attorney General ignores some laws and imposes his own personal agenda to destroy his enemies is a violation of our Constitutional rights. Who in our Federal Government is responsible to see that the President, his Cabinet Officers and Congress comply with the laws. Apparently nobody is responsible. The President is hate filled for Americans who have been successful and desires to divide rather than unite anyone. He has filled his administration with dissidents, criminals, Marxists, power-hungry, and environmental idiots. He is not a leader and never will be as he can’t even control his wife’s extravagance. Congress is the biggest bunch of losers ever assembled by any country in the world. With all of this discontinuity they are slowly destroying our military power and its leadership. Our Admirals and Generals have become lackeys for a government circus with too many clowns. 

Am I the only American who shares these views, I don’t think so? Will anyone join me in pointing out that our Federal Government has gone mad? The polls seem to indicate over 37% of Americans agree with our President and over 50% voted to re-elect him. Why? Because over 50% of Americans have sold their souls for a piece of silver. I always thought buying votes was against the law. The Supreme Court really don’t care anymore.

Our US Constitution says that:

 General Duties of the Supreme Court

•Leads the Judicial branch of the Federal government

•Interprets the Constitution

•Interprets law

•Evaluates constitutionality of challenged laws

•Settles disputes between the states

•Hears cases involving the constitution and federal laws on appeal


Duties of the Chief Justice

•Heads US Supreme Court

•Heads Federal Judiciary

•Heads Judicial Conference of the US (the administrative body of the federal judiciary)

•Appoints federal judges to US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (per 50 USC § 1803)

•Appoints members of Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation

•Acts as Chancellor of the Smithsonian Institute

•Sits on Board of National Gallery of Art and Hirshorn Museum

•Supervises acquisition of books for Library of Congress Law Library

Appoints Director of Administrative Office, which coordinates federal court administration

Acts as official spokesman for the Judicial branch

Writes annual report to Congress on the state of the federal court system

Presides over the Senate trial of Presidential impeachment, or impeachment of a Vice-President when acting President

Sets agenda for Supreme Court conferences and meetings

Administers the Presidential Oath of Office (by tradition, not law)

Assigns writing of opinions, if a member of majority decision

Reviews emergency petitions, motions and applications for the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Fourth Circuit, and Federal Circuit

Chief administrative officer of the Court


Duties of All Justices

Reads briefs, case law, legal literature, statutes and precedents for each case before the Court

Participates in conferences and meetings regarding petitions for writ of certiorari, case decisions, etc.

Votes on petitions and decisions

Writes and/or edits opinions

Hires and supervises law clerks

Assigns legal research to clerks and other staff members

Listens to oral arguments

Reviews emergency petitions, motions and applications for assigned Circuit Court

Answers certificates (this practice is all but extinct; the last certificate granted was in 1982)

Do you know if anyone else out there has any concern for our future?  C Brewer

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    I agree with all stated above. I want to add, that it was a VIOLATION of Chief Justice John Roberts to have rewritten any part of Obama Care Act in order to get his vote to allow it to become law. He blatantly violated his office and I have lost all respect and trust in him as a conservative and a member of the Supreme Court. He should be IMPEACHED . I am amazed that It has not been a major goal of ALL who believe the Constitution and our freedom. Will the NEW WORLD ORDER/GLOBAL GOVERNANCE win and we loose our freedoms. I pray to God, THAT WE DO NOT.

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