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Creating this blog increased my interest in the political activity in both Washington D.C. and Austin Texas. I have more time than most as I have been retired for 20 years, it reminds me of my interest when I was a boy. During the late 1930’s and early 40’s growing up in the depression provided little entertainment as most of the money we had was required to just survive.

We had no TV, limited radio and newspapers that actually reported the news without bias and government power threats like we see today. Americans survived without Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Drug Plans and insurance was limited to burial plans for the elderly for 90% of the people.

I look back and remember the people who were role models for those of my generation. We only had one President, Franklin Roosevelt, from the time I was old enough to remember and age 15. As a boy he was someone to admire, trust and a role model. Many heroes and role models were abundant during my teen age and formative years during World War Two. We also had Audie Murphy, Winston Churchill, Dwight Eisenhower and thousands of neighbors, family and friends who gave their life to save our Republic and freedoms.

I suppose some of our politicians were liars, cheats, thieves, con men and criminals. Without media sensationalism, bias and outright propaganda, it would hard to know what they may have done. Some at least were public servants instead of career leeches seeking royal stature and lifetime wealth as their objective. What was a select few back then has become a mass majority today.

The intensity of chaos, secrecy and lack of ethics in Congress, our President and his advisors, our Courts and the pitiful lack of any political leadership is pathetic. I am not totally focused on President Obama as we have not had any creditable leadership in Washington since Ronald Reagan.

President Obama has merely intensified the race to destroy our Republic form of democracy and his legacy, Obamacare, has established new parameters of total insanity. Watching this man along with his power partners, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi manage our country reminds me of watching Larry, Curley and Moe who made me laugh as a boy.

Other major things have also changed with the people who vote to empower these power hungry con men. When I was a boy even children understood the difference between slapstick comedy and common sense governance. Our education system along with our justice system has been high jacked and politicized to replace our freedoms and eventually eliminate “States Rights” with total control of our lives from one central government.

Our national media refuses to report the news anymore and we are bombarded with twisted, biased and news controlled by Washington power brokers. I can’t find one leader in our current political field that would be a role model for our children. We have leaders of business, commerce and finance that would be role models if we had a media that was honest or had the guts to get them exposed. We are obsessed with only selecting politicians to lead our nation.

Most leaders outside of politics have enough sense to understand that the media would find enough dirt to destroy their future if they threatened the Progressive-Liberal agendas.

One thing is certain for Americans who can see through these smoke screens of lies, deceit and twisted facts. Watching Obama (Moe), Reid (Larry) and Pelosi (Curley) lead us is more comical than watching the “Three Stooges”. The price of admission is more than the nickel it costs when I was a boy and we got to see two movies and serials to boot.

To be fair, balanced and politically correct you can line up the current Republican political leadership and enjoy more slapstick comedy. Like Obama and his cronies, they could not lead you out of a paper sack if both ends were open.

America is becoming the laughing stock of world leaders including the Third World countries. Even Mexico is trying to remove isolationism that has failed its people.

Who are your role models?  

C Brewer December 2013

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2 thoughts on “ROLE MODELS!

  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    You are mine Clyde. I just read Colin Powell’s autobiography. He chooses not to be in politics for the same reasons you espouse in this blog.



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