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I spent several hours compiling my article “Role Models” that was published December 14th. I feel I did a poor job by not including more of our outstanding leaders and let them share the limelight with Larry (Harry Reid), Curley (Nancy Pelosi) and the biggest liar and con man in history, Moe (President Obama).

This may be unfair to some as Richard Nixon was a more than capable liar. Obama just raised the bar a few notches. At least Nixon had the ethics and honesty to resign as President after he was caught lying by the media. This is the same media that ignores lie after lie from our self-anointed “King” who imposes laws without authority and ignores the laws he has decided are unfair. Can any American stand with a straight face and accept these three people role models?

Take a look at some leaders who unfortunately may be “Role Models” that our young people look up to for shaping their careers and lives.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright was one of President Obamas “Role Models” until he was discovered to be openly radical. He was one of Obama’s tutors, advisors and pastor for some 20 years. He performed the Obama’s marriage ceremony and baptized both of their daughters. I have never written that Obama is dumb, he had enough sense to throw Reverend Wright under the first bus available. Wright also accused the United States for causing the 911 disaster, dammed America from the church pulpit and is one of the zealots that preaches income re-distribution illegally. What a “Role Model” for our young African Americans to look up to unless they choose a life in prison.

Eric Holder, United States Attorney General has decided that some of our laws are unfair. Without any written authority and unprecedented in history he alone decides what laws can be ignored. He even brings legal action against States for abiding by existing laws. He is another “Role Model” our children have to revere,

To be fair and balanced, let me offer a trio of female “Role Models” that women must admire. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor make up one third of the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is supposed to be responsible to make sure that politicians, all government employees, the President, Congress, lawyers, Eric Holder and all of the people abide by our Constitution. These ladies have a 100% record of voting their political beliefs when necessary to support Progressive-Liberal causes. They read the Constitution the way they feel rather than the way it is written just like Obama and his staff wants them to. These ladies must have a tremendous influence as women comprised one of the largest voting groups that believe Obama is a Saint. They proved it again in 2012 and re-elected him for a second chance to destroy America’s freedoms.

Not desiring to bore you with illustrating actual performance, I would like to list a few more “Role Models” for our young Americans to look up to shape their lives and careers. I challenge our young Americans and women voters to review the performance and backgrounds of these additional leaders before they admire them as “Role Models” or vote for them.

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Charles Rangel

Thomas Daschle

Christopher Dodd

Jon Corzine

John Boehner

John McCain

Diane Feinstein

Barbara Boxer

Henry Waxman

Maxine Waters

Jessie Jackson X 2

Kathleen Sibelius

Lindsey Graham

James Cliburn

Shelia Jackson Lee

Eddie Bernice Johnson

Eleanor Holmes Norton

I probably have listed some you might challenge so, send me your reasons why you disagree and I will post them and your name with this article for all to see.

I am certain I did not list everyone you feel deserves to be on this list of well-known individuals. Send me your list and reasons of others I missed and if I get enough feedback, I will publish a part three article with credits.

I am working on another article praising true American leaders that are “Role Models”. What would be helpful is for you to send me anyone’s name and reasons why you feel that they are a  worthy “Role Model” for our young Americans to admire. The sad part is that none of these individuals will ever be elected to lead us and unite the American people again. We are so divided now it may never happen.

C Brewer

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