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A look at the 2013 Obama administration successes.

I suppose the Progressive-Liberals and their record breaking 2013 success are the happiest they have been in over 110 years. Theodore Roosevelt, father of the plan to destroy our Republic form of government must be smiling. Obama and his cohorts have destroyed more freedoms and created more welfare than FDR, Lyndon Johnson and George Bush combined. Look at some of the highlights.

“Obamacare”. We were told by the Democrats it would improve healthcare and reduce the overall cost with improvements. Some people ignored Queen Nancy Pelosi’s advice and actually read the disaster legislation before it was passed. Not one single Republican voted for the disaster. I personally believe that all of the Obamacare problems we have watched appear were well planned to fail.

The Congressional solution will be for the federal government to insure and manage all healthcare from cradle to grave. This will eventually eliminate all private insurance policies including life insurance. Next Congress will nationalize and eliminate all funeral homes so everyone can have equal funeral rights. Just imagine how many thousands of more government employees this will take to be as cost controlled and efficient as the U. S. Postal Service.

“Government shutdown”. Another designed and planned disaster of unnecessary chaos. Veterans, usual targets of democratic politicians, were barred from visiting privately funded memorials. National parks were closed. I live some 5 miles from “The Indian Mounds Wilderness Area”, 12,369 acres of federal land confiscated by the government to protect bugs, snakes and dead trees. The only time I ever saw a government employee on the property in the 22 years I have lived here was during the government shutdown. It was barricaded and policed to insure no one could have access by land or water.   

“Government Spending”. Queen Nancy announced, “The cupboard is bare, “There’s no more cuts to make.” The Republicans made a lot of noise, got blamed for the shutdown, ran and hid and eventually eased their negotiated “sequester” cuts they squeezed out earlier. Our government spends $3.8 trillion a year. This sequester provided spending cuts of about $85 billion a year. Imagine how many centuries it would take to eliminate our $17 trillion national debt with the miniscule cuts they are relaxing with the new budget bill that has been passed. Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, said “conservatives who want to keep the sequester are “ridiculous.”

Democrats and Republicans say they want less spending. But then they fight for farm subsidies, flood insurance and “economic development” schemes. Most federal spending funds Social Security, Medicare and the military. Even citizens who sound fiscally conservative, especially elderly ones, don’t want these things cut.

“Government Surveillance”. Because of security breech by a low level contract employee, we discovered that the federal government spies on its own citizens. We were advised by the government and the media that the privacy we lose to listening or reading our messages seems a small price to pay for surveillance against terrorism.

Later we were told that the National Security Agency snooping goes far beyond just listening to suspected terrorist that the government first claimed. President Barack Obama assured us the NSA does not read all of our emails or listen to all of our phone calls. But it turns out they do keep records of all phone calls, E mails etc.

They testify that they only look for terrorists and they won’t use the records to harass and punish their critics. The harassment of individuals by the IRS and other government individuals and agencies indicate otherwise.

“Gun Control”. Obama has single handily created the largest sale of guns and ammunition in history. Was this accidental? No, in my opinion it is another planned step to create an eventual armed conflict of Americans killing each other over welfare and sharing wealth. I know people who have amassed over 100,000 rounds of ammunition to protect their family and property. There is no law to prevent this and for many it is just common sense as they agree we are going to have another civil war.

“State’s Rights”. The offensive by the federal government to eliminate all rights of a state or local government to enact and police laws will eventually happen. The future will see standardized education and all commerce controlled from Washington D.C.

“Immigration”. Obama is praying he can get this issue to mask the Obamacare debacle that dominates the media. If he can get peoples mind off the screwing they are getting with insurance he can get some rest. You can go to the bank with a guarantee that all of the guns are loaded to make sure they get the 13,000,000 aliens amnesty and voting privileges by next November.

“Iran.” His on party is about to challenge Obama and John Kerry on their idiotic plan to relax sanctions on Iran and further endanger our only ally, Israel, by throwing them under the bus, “AGAIN.” Enough is enough even for some Democrats. 

“Benghazi”. Wow, no diplomats were sacrificed for political gain in 2013, yet! They still have about 12 days to go.

Sadly it appears that most Americans desire that the government controls every aspect of our lives. It just keeps getting bigger and more powerful. There are still a few of us that feel we should reduce central government power.

When there is no one left to pay taxes maybe things will change.   C Brewer

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