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Why should anyone go to school, study and graduate, serve their country, find a job, when they can sit home and draw money for doing nothing? 

Even though you may not wish to listen to this entire interview you will miss some improtant reasons why we have a government gone mad with welfare power and your money! 

 WELFARE ABUSE: 32 years old Austin, TX welfare recipient says
working is stupid. – Safeshare.TV

We, the gray headed straights, the non-Liberal, non Socialist/Marxist, tax payers, are the stupid ones!   

We allow young, healthy, able bodied, American citizens to marry (or not), procreate and draw various government transfer payments, as an alternative to performing gainful employment. 

Here’s a young woman who admits to being a “pot head”, a Welfare Cheat, a tax cheat, and a drag on society and thinks nothing of it. There is nothing wrong about what she’s doing, according to her way of thinking.  She and her family receive, from actual, working, tax-paying Americans, monetary assistance, which helps pay for their food and housing, receive medical and educational benefits and allows them to buy drugs and liquor, out of the leftover or “spare” cash. It would seem she is not a rare example, but is more representative of the way our society is moving, ideologically, and has been shifting, for the last fifty years.

The first 150 years of our historical test of a “Representative Democracy” underwent significant assault at the hands of the Progressives, under President Wilson, picked up steam under the “New Deal” of FDR, found new direction with LBJ’s “Great Society”, and totally erupted under the tutelage of President Obama. 

Those of us that got up every day, got an education, went to work, paid taxes and subsidized her and her family of leeches, are just plain stupid!! 

Listen and think about what this means for our country.

Is this what we want for our future generations?

In the history of the world, no other country has had the positive impact upon the rest of the world as the USA!! The engine of that success has been Capitalism, the antithesis of Socialism/Marxism, dare I say Communism, which have never worked.  The answer to the foibles inherent in Free Market Capitalism is not to scrap it in favor of its economic & social opposite, but to repair the cracks in the bulwark, as necessary, and not through fundamental changes, accompanied by total revolution.

Thanks for sharing this Ron, we should also thank radio station KLBJ for being brave enough to broadcast this in Austin, Texas. Thankfully most of the Progressive/Liberal extremist in Texas live in Austin or they should. Texas would be better off if they would move to California where everyone would be happy.

Please send a copy of this to every Congressman, Senator in Washington and Austin. Hillary will make sure that this will never appear in the NY Times or  broadcast on MSNBC for sure.

C Brewer

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