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If you are an elected or appointed to a government position or have enough money to buy a politician you are not required to follow all federal laws. You can evade income taxes, commit fraud, steal, waste money, intimidate voters, lie, and ignore ethics rules. Our leadership decides which laws to follow and which to ignore.

We have federal laws that states change and the “Selective Justice Department” currently managed by Eric Holder have decided to ignore. We have state laws requiring that voters must have an identification card that are Constitutional and Holder is suing the states because he disagrees with what the Constitution allows.

I spent some time this past weekend looking at some of the differences in laws that surprised me. The recent state laws allowing the sale of recreational marijuana in Washington and Colorado motivated me to write this article. Holder has already announced that the “Selective Justice Department” will not enforce federal law in these two states.

It appears that all legal decisions made by our government today are political rather than Constitutional. The President, his administration, the Supreme Court, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Congress read the Constitution the way they want to. Watching the Supreme Court vote is proof all decisions are political. Seldom do they vote on any decision that does not result in a 5-4 decision. Let me share some facts to support my thesis.

Obama has been honest in admitting he smoked Pot and just this weekend admitted he has decided that drinking alcohol is worse. I wonder why he still drinks alcohol. He did not say if he still smokes Pot but he did say he told his daughters it was bad. He apparently has no regrets he broke the law as a young man and he obviously has no problem with others breaking the law smoking Pot. “Selective Justice”.

We did not have marijuana when I was a boy or a young man. I learned to smoke using dried grapevines hiding in a tree or behind the garage. It did not last long as a blister on your tongue will tell any sane person to stop. I did smoke cigarettes until my 14 year old son shamed me into quitting. By the way smoking grapevines or cigarettes was not against the law then or now if you are old enough. Let me share some other confusing laws.

We have a national law and all states require that you must be 18 before you can buy tobacco products. The new state laws require you to be 21 to purchase or have Pot in your possession.

National law requires that you must be 14 to work. One state, New Jersey allows 13 year olds to work but who cares. I suppose my dad broke the law when he made me throw a paper route at 12. He was the dealer for the Dallas Times Herald and the Ft. Worth Star Telegram in Corsicana Texas in 1942.

Federal law requires you to be 18 to buy long guns (rifles & shotguns) and you must be 21 to purchase a hand gun. Some states have different age requirements and when Holder looks closer he will go wild. If he and Obama had their desire, no one would be allowed to buy any weapon and all guns would be confiscated. There is a precedent as Hitler did this in Germany in 1938.

Drinking alcohol has some wider ranges. Federal law requires you to be 21 to buy or consume booze. At least 8 states allow you to buy or guzzle at 18. Who cares?

Driving a car is also different. Federal law allows you to drive at 15 with a permit and a licensed driver in the front seat. You can be licensed at 16. Thank god we don’t have a federal driver’s license but when they discover it can be taxed this could change. It will not and you will see why when I discuss voting. Some states allow provisions for driving at 14 and New Jersey will not issue a license until you are 17.

Voting is one law that now requires you to be 18 nationally and by every state. Few people reach adulthood at 18 but who cares. At 18 you can drive a car, work, smoke and in some states drink alcohol. You still can’t possess a hand gun or get a permit to carry one. I have mixed emotions about the voting age of 18.

Most 18 year olds today are more interested in moving out of their parent’s home than voting. As most of them come from families on some form of welfare or unemployment they are already Democrats. The others who will likely go to college and be brainwashed by Progressive-Liberal professors who can’t get elected to Congress, too lazy to chase ambulances and afraid to start a business on their own. They only want tenure protection so they can consult for big bucks or get government grants to study the sex life of toad frogs. Democrats are positioned to stay in power until we go broke. Bankruptcy is inevitable because common sense is considered  against the law in Washington D.C where our leaders have amassed an endless supply of ink and paper to just print more money.

Drowning in all of these laws, differences between states and the federal government caused me to remember how things were when I grew up.

I graduated high school at 16. I got my driver’s license but I could not afford to buy a car until I was 23. I enlisted in the US Navy at 17 with parental consent. Too young to drink, smoke, buy a pistol or vote.

I had to show proficiency shooting both long guns and hand guns before I was 18. I learned how to smoke, cuss and drink alcohol on base before I was 18. I could buy alcohol and cigarettes off base if in uniform without being carded.

I was married and a father before I was 19. Even before the Korean War was over I was released to inactive duty before I was 21. Finding a job in those times was not easy and being old enough to vote when I reached 21 was not even close to being my largest concern. I was scared then and I am scared now.

Arbitrary age requirements are meaningless measures of maturity and need to be adjusted to recognize common sense, experience and education. I can tell you the day I became a man was the day I graduated from boot camp, I was 17. I am proud that I served my country then and now I’m disappointed as I have no absolutely no respect any of our leaders today. All we have today are master politicians for children to admire as role models. Most could not successfully lead and/or manage a McDonalds where you “MUST” make a profit. Evaluating the maturity of my immediate family, which now numbers 40, my 12 year old and youngest granddaughter, Emma, is far more mature to vote than some who are 40 or older.

America is not a better place today than when I was a boy. It certainly should be but it appears it never will be “United” again in my lifetime. Freedom loving Americans just lost our first war in history. The enemies and winners were Obama, Reid, Pelosi and our bloated federal government. Not a shot had to be fired but too many Americans have suffered. God help my grandchildren who will suffer more and also have to pay for this debacle.

WHY?            C Brewer 2014

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