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Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


 I plead and beg everyone that takes the time to listen to this African-American gentleman explain what the Democrats have created to put people back on plantations. The message is factual and clear and if all Americans will wake up and see that we have nearly half of our citizens on the plantation today. It would be wonderful to see a Democrat stand up and tell Americans why this man is wrong. The only thing wrong is that young women, those on welfare and both the African-Americans and Hispanic people will never see this and if they did would not listen. There are two sides to any situation and it is sad that those on the plantation will not even listen. Please comment on this so two sides of this issue can be heard. C Brewer  
This is the video that went viral on the Internet in the last few days. Very few can express themselves with such clarity and purpose .

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