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Well it is official, Obama announced he will veto the bill Congress passed to force him to comply with the laws of our land.

It has been rather obvious that he just enforces the law by his and Eric Holder’s political preference, racial hatred and payback for donations.

Criminals, illegals, radical racist, Chicago politicians and unions must be dancing in the streets as they can just plead that if crime is not against the law for politicians they can reduce their bribes to Judges.

This is the way Democrats establish themselves as role models for the children as well as criminals.

He could get even with Congress if he would issue an Executive Order to make it mandatory that Congressional members must also follow the law. CB

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  1. Why is the name of sanity is this megalomaniac allowed to continually trample the Constitution and the spineless members of both chambers refuse to challenge him? I am relatively certain that if the Senate and House WERE to challenge his unconstitutional actions and force a vote on impeachment proceedings, the nation would leap for joy and shout HURRAH!

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