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Only because there was nothing on TV this morning I suffered through a presentation by John Kerry who was in London. He seemed rather serious when he announced that President Obama had been rather stern in warning Putin and Russia they were violating international law in the Ukraine.

Having posted two articles this week, “Role Model for Criminals” &”Presidential Lies Contest”, this earth shattering event seemed to be the most hypocritical event of Obama’s Presidential terms. Obama telling criminals they must obey the law is a laugher.

Why would any world leader give Obama the time of day after he admitted listening to their phone conservations? I am elated that my travels to most of the world happened before Obama. I would be ashamed and afraid to show my American passport in most of the countries I worked in today.

Obama has spit in Congress’s, the Supreme Court, the Military and all Americans faces with lies and ignoring our laws long enough. The sad part is that our Senate, Supreme Court, Military leaders appear to be content in watching him make a fool of all Americans worldwide.

At least Putin had the leadership and followed the law and got his Russian government to sanction his territorial invasion of the Ukraine. Obama has announced he will veto the bill passed by Congress forcing him to follow all laws.

Lying to yourself is bad enough. Ignoring any law by any American is supposedly a criminal offense. It is beyond belief to me that our elected Congress members, the Supreme Court, our military leaders don’t have the gonads to stop the charade now.

If someone does not stop Obama soon he will have given America away without a shot being fired. He seems hell bent on dividing Americans and fostering a civil war. If we owe the world everything we have, what would be left to fight over.

Wake up folks, we can stop this by voting them all out if we can find a leader to unite the people.

C Brewer

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