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If you want to see where Obama is steering America, this video about France is a perfect illustration of the direction we are headed if someone does not stop him. This is the goal of the Liberal-Progressive and environmental extremist’s movement to change America that started over 100 years ago.

Any American that watches this Canadian made video and can’t see the end result of where we are headed is dumb, blind or just stupid. I can’t understand why free people can stomach the destruction of the greatest nation on earth. The Democratic 24 hour prayer service last week demanding action by Americans to stop causing global-warming is the silliest waste of time and money ever conducted by Congress. These members of Congress belong on a funny farm. The people who voted for them must already be there or at least should be.

My admiration for Goodyear accelerated by hearing the reason they are shutting down the French operations. If the bread in France is as hard as it was on my several visits, they can make tires out of bread dough.  

Watch this then send me why you would like to move to France where you belong. Our union members should love it in France. We should buy them free one-way tickets to move.


My Thanks to Tom Shoemaker for forwarding this.  C Brewer

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