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HOW PROUD HIS FATHER MUST BE…….Jesse Jackson Jr. is now being paid $8,700 Per Month in Disability, plus a $45,000 annual pension while now serving In prison after he resigned from Congress.

Convicted Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) is scheduled to receive $8,700 per month in government disability pay, as well as a partial federal pension of $45,000. That generous $8,700 in disability comes thanks to Jackson’s sudden development of a “mood disorder” as the federal government began looking to indict him. Jackson, who was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison, had no history of mental illness during his prior 17 years in Congress.

Rev. Jesse Jackson has defended his son’s claims of mental illness, stating to the court, “This time a year ago I thought we may have lost him.”

So, Jesse Jackson, Jr. 17-year veteran of the US Congress, suddenly gets a “mood disorder” (about the same time he learned he was to be indicted) and is going to prison for 2.5 years.

Because his “mood disorder” was so severe, he has become disabled and will receive $8,700 per month as a disability payment as well as $45,000 a year from his congressional pension, a total of about $150K per year. Is this a great country or what?

By the way, I have had a rather substantial “mood disorder disability” ever since Obama got elected in 2008. I have not committed any felonies, have not been convicted and sentenced to prison and I don’t get squat…..other than a higher and higher tax bill every year and the privilege of watching our federal deficit grow every day of the year.

$8,700 X 12 = $104,400 + $45,000 = $149,400 a year for the rest of his life. . . . . PAID BY WHO? You and I.

I wonder what would have happened if he was a conservative member of Congress and his name Smith or Lopez and he was not  a nationally known and politically connected African American?

My thanks to Dr. Forrest for sharing this with me. I hope you will share it with as many of your friends that are sick of this discrimination.   C Brewer

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