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Why do the people sit on their hands and watch the most inept array of supposedly the best people in America run amok? With Memorial Day approaching I wish every American alive could read and comment on this article. While some of us will remember our veterans as hero’s our President will probably play golf on this paid holiday for all government employees. Remember real hero’s don’t wear capes, they wear dog tags.

Why are the majority of Democrats and a few Republicans pleased with an Attorney General who refuses to obey our own laws? He approves the release of thousands of convicted aliens who were rapists, murderers, and thieves from detainment. He sues the states for trying to enact and maintain common sense laws we need to eliminate fraud. Who cares, I do, do you? The sad part is if Obama could shut down Fox News we would not even know most of this lawlessness.

Why are all Democrats happy with the lawless operations of the IRS that Obama, Harry Reid and Queen Nancy Pelosi sweep under the cloud of deception?

Why are most Democrats pleased that the government records and listens to your phone calls, reads your E mails and records it all?

Why do most Democrats and far too many Republicans waste trillions of tax dollars on the Departments of Education and Energy they have continually failed to improve education standings or reduce our dependence on foreign oil?

Democrats who properly forced Richard Nixon to resign for secret probing of other Americans are now fat dumb and happy that our President and Secretary of State sacrificed the lives of four true American hero’s in Benghazi, Libya to get Obama re-elected. The action itself was inhuman and unprecedented in our history. Lying and hiding the facts is inexcusable to everyone but Democrats. At least Nixon did not kill or sacrifice other Americans but was at least replaced. I wonder if all of the people who voted for Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the other mindless Democratic leaders are happy with the Benghazi political cover-up.

I have not been writing much lately as I have just stopped watching the news or reading the Beaumont Texas Enterprise, the only newspaper available here in deep East Texas. This newspaper is so liberal biased even the crossword puzzles seem slanted left. What motivated me to write this article is watching the tragedy happening this past week about how our veterans are being sacrificed so that the Veterans Administration (VA) operations appear positive.

This is the last straw for any American to have to endure. I am a veteran as I enlisted in the US Navy Reserve at 17. I spent nearly five years, 3.5 on active duty, and fortunately for me I never faced anything more dangerous than traffic getting to and from the base. I was Honorable Discharged at 22 and I have never needed or asked for any healthcare from the VA.

Watching Obama and his Democratic leaders lie, sweep things under the rug, ignore our laws, waste our money, sacrifice other Americans for political gain is horrible and history will someday record these events.

If Congress and the American people allow the facts to be hidden about the way our veterans have been allowed to die to make reports be favorable, we have failed as humane people.

Do you wonder why the Veterans Administration is not managed by veterans instead of bureaucrats? I do. We pay to expertly educate our military officers to be doctors, nurses, lawyers, administrators and accountable leaders. It seems to be common sense that we utilize these professionals to not only lead but to manage all VA operations instead of bureaucrats.

Please tell me how you feel, agree or disagree with my facts and I will post your comments on this article. It will take you less than five minutes to get involved. Hopefully you are as concerned about our veterans as I am?

C Brewer

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  1. I have tried hard to make a difference by sharing my views on the destruction of our freedoms. I am deeply disappointed that I have failed to stir up enough interest as virtually no one will take the time to comment on the thousands of hours I have spent reading and writing 730 articles. This convinces me that apathy is the reason we are in the shape we find ourselves. If this article fails to generate interest I am obviously wasting my time. Clyde Brewer

  2. wally kittman on said:

    I agree with everything you say, even Fox News, I would give Drudge Report some credit– The Beaumont Enterprise is not available in our part of the country..
    When you speak of Obama and his administration, I consider it to be the most inept and dishonest in U.S. history. The thought of Hillary replacing him is even more depressing…
    It is hard for me understand WHY the press never vetted Obama..He really has no empathy with most americans and especially those in rural america.. The blacks that support him do so because of the color of his skin– even though they have
    not really prospered under his administration…
    Hillary’s resume to be President is just as unimpressive as Obama’s..The chant about making her the first female president really destroys my morale.. If this happens, I don’t know what this country will be like seven years from now…

    The country appears to becoming more of a monarchy.. Government jobs, whether
    it be judicial or legislative provide good pay great benefits early retirement, and
    opportunity to become lobbyists and board members of companies they have
    little knowledge of the operation of.. THAT’s Life…

    sensible vision of the future….
    This …is my opinion for what it’s worth.


  3. Anonymous on said:

    Clyde, It’s not just the Dems. the Rep. are just as guilty of disposing of our constitution. The career politician is only interested in getting reelected. I have prayed for a 3rd party or for years called the Vet. party, must have served our country is some capacity before being elected. How in the world can we have a Commander in Chief like Obama? How many more wantabees are studying how Obama got were he is, and have the same itineraries as this administration? The odds of either party allowing a 3rd party is very nil. Will not happen in our life time…… Best thing we can do is PLAY MORE GOLF.

  4. Thomas H. Seigo on said:

    We must, I repeat we must get these rogue politicians out of Washington, DC, including Democrats and Republicans! I am not a Veteran, never served in the military (I tried to enlist but was rejected due to hearing impairment). I have four brothers who served proudly, two in WWII two in Korea, plus three sons who proudly served and served well! I have always been an avid advocate for Veterans and to hear and see how this government is treating them is reprehensible and needs to be fully investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, along with all other scandals and ill-conceived actions or inaction as with Benghazi! No one is above the law, especially the President and his minions!

  5. Thank you Thomas for taking the time to comment.

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