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I Received this today from Mike & Emma Cobb via Walter Degner. If you follow my blog you must know by now that I am a patriotic old veteran with maybe more of a Conservative View than most. I have loved this country all of my nearing 84 years and it is so sad to see the younger Americans have no conception of what sacrifice millions have made to gain and maintain our freedoms. Today most Americans worry about getting something for free, living off the hard work of others, free birth control pills, bitching about praying in public, global warming propaganda and hoping for Socialism. These ungrateful people and all politicians may make me live without the freedoms I was born with but they can’t make me like it.
If you are a true American and can watch this without a tear you will know you have helped destroy many generations memories of what America used to be. I hope you are happy with watching our own government destroy 238 years of freedoms.
The advertising agency for “Food City” should win an Obie for this production. This grocery chain is in the southeast USA, headquartered in Bristol Tennessee. If you can’t spare a couple of minutes to watch this you don’t deserve to be an American. There is no sound and none is necessary if you love America like I do. If you do not try to get every American to see this, shame on you. I have never posted a commercial that needs to go viral. God Bless America
C Brewer 

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  1. Bruce on said:

    Great post, Clyde. Just trying to get in touch – please email me when you can. Thanks.

    bluegrassbruce8 at gmail dot com

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