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I was impressed with another bloggers work last week and I asked and  was granted permission to re-blog this work. I read a caption on a Facebook article this morning about “Somebody” will do something someday to change the destruction of our country and said we all can be “Somebody’s if we really want to be. Well, Bruce and I are two “somebody’s that have chosen to try to change America’s course. C Brewer

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Obama’s Biggest Regret? Failure to Pass Background Checks.

A few weeks ago, Obama said that his biggest disappointment as President was Congress’ failure to pass background check legislation.

Yes, you read that correctly. Of all the things he has bungled and ignored over the past six years, Obama thinks that his failure to limit the Second Amendment is the worst failure his presidency.

Really? That’s all he can come up with?

There are about seventeen million things that he should regret more than failing to take away gun rights from law abiding Americans. In case he forgot, here is a short list to remind him of some of the big ones:

 • Abandoning Iraq and thrusting the country into civil war.

 • Using the NSA to spy on millions of Americans.

 • Spending the country’s future into oblivion.

 • Bailing out all of those banks and companies that were “too big to fail”.

 • The unmitigated disaster of Obamacare.

Instead, despite this endless list of screw-ups, Obama’s biggest regret is the fact that Congress didn’t pass a background checks law.

2016 cannot come soon enough.

Posted by  Bruce P  Kentucky-raised husband and hunter with a passion for politics. Bluegrass Bruce is his Google blog site.

It is really ironic that Obama’s concern and Congress’s inability to do anything could have likely disqualified him being President. If we had a decent background check program for all government positions Obama, his entire legion of people like the communist, V. Jarrett, would still be in Chicago or in prison where they and many Congresspersons deserve to be.  CB

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