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Eric Holder’s is the most dangerous person to have ever served as the head of the Justice Department. He has instituted the most partisan, hate filled, bigoted in US history. The sad part is he was given this authority by a Marxist President Obama and placed in power by a democratic Senate that has protected him from being in prison where he belongs. His expanding a stupid Bush program providing guns to the Mexican Cartels, (“Fast & Furious”), in a crime that many belong in prison for concocting.

He was cited for contempt by the House of Representatives and thumbed his nose at the laws while being protected by Harry Reid and the Progressive-Liberal Democrats from prosecution. He just watched Obama’s misuse of Executive Privilege and refused to challenge the separation of powers in the Constitution. He has allowed President Obama’s continued executive privilege abuse. He has politicized every facet of an already overly political Justice Department that Clinton spent eight years creating. Has Congress stepped in, no.

One major difference between Holders crimes and Nixon’s crooked Attorney General, John Mitchell, Holder hasn’t gone to jail. I am sure the shredding machines at the Justice Department have been working 24/7 since last Thursday and every computer has been adjusted by the Internal Revenue Service maintenance department.

Holder’s use of hatred as the approach to race relations have caused more damage than his contempt for Congress. His use of the power of the Justice Department to enforce some and ignore other laws to allow the President to divide the people with his use of social justice is unforgivable. He has sued fire and police departments to enforce hiring quotas. He has increased social tensions with his challenges of “Stand Your Ground laws”. He has pressured banks for not lending more money to members of racial minority groups and pressured other banks for “predatory lending” that led to disproportionate bankruptcies.

Bait and switch pressures have been perfected by Holder and Obama. Another example is the pressure he has created by forcing the end to school choice programs. These programs were designed and primarily help poor black kids acquire better educations. Who cares, the black voters still support Holder and Obama with 90% of their vote. The Democrats are masters of keeping the poor and minority voters both poor and dumb by design.

Holder has been a record setter for ignoring the laws he does not like and creating new laws the Congress did not pass. He and the Justice Department have also set another new record by suffering the highest number of unanimous losses at the Supreme Court in history. So far they have suffered 13 unanimous defeats, twice the number set by Bill Clinton and three times the number by President Bush.

Holder has accomplished his mission to expand every federal power available. He has been instrumental in damaging and/or ignoring every individual freedom we enjoy. Our Constitution has been re-written by our President and the powers of the Justice Department, Intelligence gathering, the IRS and the State Department pay no attention to the laws or the Constitution.

 Holder will not be missed by me or anyone who supports the rule of law. If Harry Reid and the Democrats keep control of the Senate in November his next public service will be as a life time appointment to the Supreme Court. If Hillary fails to run to replace Obama or loses the election, she will get on the Supreme Court before a new President is in office in January 2017. Hang on to your seat belt folks. Women will decide every national, and most state wide elections forever. They elected Obama twice.

C Brewer

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2 thoughts on “ERIC HOLDER!

  1. Thomas H. Seigo on said:

    While I for the most part concur with this analogy of Eric Holder’s actions as AG, I must in all candor disagree in large part with the last three sentences: “Hang onto your seat belts folks. Women will decide every national and most state wide elections forever. They elected Obama twice.” It was the poor and uneducated, both black and white as well as Hispanics (likely non-citizens) who were principally responsible for Obama’s election, not once but twice! I would proffer an opinion that if Obama could find a way to get around the term limit with respect to POTUS, he would run again and would again be reelected by this same cadre of voters! Politics is a nasty business, only younger than the world’s oldest business and I will let you consider which is the oldest!

    Respectfully, Thomas H. Seigo A concerned Conservative Grandfather

    • Thomas, I really appreciate your taking time to share your opinion. Your analogy that the poor and uneducated are the primary reasons we have democrats anywhere. The local statistics bear this out in the blue states. This group has been created by the democratic party and maintained by keeping them poor and sustains them with welfare. If you analyze the vote in 2008 and 2012 the primary reason Obama won was with a majority of the female voters. All the democrats have to do is incite the abortion and birth control issues and watch as the GOP attacks each other. I am writing another article focused on this issue that will hopefully help the females see how they are being used just like the poor. C Brewer

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