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Remember that next Monday, October 20th, early voting will begin in Texas.  

Voting is one of the few rights we still have as American citizens. This constitutional right has been machinated by politicians all of my life for many political reasons. The one event that caused me to leave the Democratic Party was the theft of the US Senate seat stolen by Lyndon Johnson. The flagrant disregard for honesty including missing ballot boxes, dead people voting and stuffing of ballot boxes in Duval County was my voting reality check.

Now we have a US Justice Department, Democratic members of Congress, State and local Democratic schemers and the media screaming about people having to prove they are citizens before they vote. They claim this is a hardship and un-Constitutional. This is about the lamest excuse by politician’s that is totally insane. Even the aliens that are paid to vote using dead peoples or illegal voter registrations know it’s just a job. The media is so biased you now hear little about voter fraud anymore.

Texas allows several methods to allow anyone to prove they are alive and a citizen including a driver’s license, birth certificate, and a free identification card the State will provide. The only reason the Democrats are concerned is that they can’t buy votes anymore. Even an idiot can see through this manipulation by the best ambulance chasing lawyers in the world that control our courts, our White House, our Senate and the media.

Our Governor’s race in Texas is a perfect example of a Democratic plot to steal the election. The Democrats plotted the brouhaha by selecting an unqualified woman to grandstand the passage of new abortion laws by a bunch of stupid Republicans led by our Governor, Rick Perry.

The only reason we still have a Democratic Party in many States is the Republican obsession that women have no rights to choose to abort a child. This has divided the Republican Party ever since Roe vs Wade was enacted by law in 1973. The inflexible Republican Party was the reason for the switch of my voting rights and becoming an Independent. The sad part is they still do not understand that this one issue is what got Obama elected, re-elected and if Wendy Davis becomes Governor it will be because women do vote. I am not sure the Republican Party is aware that women vote now in America.

If you are happy with everything as it is in Washington D.C. today, just vote to keep Harry Reid as the leader of the Senate. If you are a Texan and want to see the same Democratic radical change in our future then usher in Wendy Davis as our next Governor.

I guess I am lucky to just be old and not have to suffer with the change we have watched for the past five years much longer. Obamacare has made sure that at 84 I will be denied medical care because I am just too old to waste the money. The preventive care when you reach 75 will no longer be paid for like the PSA test.

The money I saved to live on in my golden years living off of interest like my parents did was abolished immediately by our President and the bankers. That was not enough change so they made sure that using the stock market to hopefully increase the worth of my savings actually reduced them by 25% almost immediately. Interest will not even cover the inflation losses and this week the world leaders and bankers made sure that our retirement savings were deflated another significant amount by stock market losses.

I don’t know about you and likely never will as few people will take the time to comment on my articles. I plan to vote for Greg Abbott for Governor of Texas and except for one local election of a District Judge who should have known better, I will vote for the Republican candidate in every race as I can’t support anyone else that is dumb enough to stay connected to the Democratic Party.

If we fail to change the control of the US Senate and demote Harry Reid there will never be another Republican or Independent President of the United States. Obama will make sure before he leaves the White House that all people who live in America will be able to vote in 2016 for his replacement. Granting amnesty to the 13,000,000 illegals which he will do immediately after the November 4th elections will create a one party system he has promised to do for the country.

One more note to the Republican leadership in America, women do vote and they have rights too.


C Brewer

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10 thoughts on “VOTING IN AMERICA!

  1. Camille Tucci on said:

    Just discovered your site recently and think it’s great. Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

    • Thank you Camille, feedback is important to me, good or bad, to keep me writing. I have a beautiful great granddaughter named Camille. Including spouses I have 43 ranging from 2 months to 65.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    I’m not a Texan, Clyde but I agree with your assessment of the Democratic Party. I do believe Roe v Wade is a bad law and should be overturned. Women have a right to chose birth control or not but once impregnated there is another right that needs to be protected. I believe abortion is legalized murder which I strongly oppose. But there are too may other issues to defeat the Dems over that I agree it should not be a campagin issue. Harry Reid definately needs to go so that when Obama starts dishing out executive orders that are not only bad for the country but unconstitutional as well, the Senate can take the lead in getting Obama impeached.

  3. wally kittman on said:

    -Enjoy & respect your article — I also agree with everything you’ve said–
    I will early vote & have no reason not to vote republican – – I hope that the voters
    turn out –Newspapers have shrunk in number, size, availability & general info
    what kind of job our officials are doing – The stories that make the headlines makes you wonder what happened to the U.S. Parents that discipline their kids can be charged with abuse & sent to prison–Kids can’t play dodgeball, don’t have to respect the flag, not allowed to pray, restrooms are gender neutral (?)- We have a
    president whose apparent agenda is to tear the country apart in virtually every way
    possible. In my opinion he is doing a good job of that — I know I’m guilty of “preaching to the choir”Hopefully things will improve especially for the next generation—
    Just witnessed another idiotic incident on T.V. ( Florida was having a political
    debate and the candidates & moderators got in a argument about a damn fan)

    Yes I will vote and will encourage everyone I can to do the same..

  4. Baxter Henderson on said:

    God save democracy Clyde. Sometimes the American system is not the world’s best!


  5. ChrisL@Reagan.com on said:

    Amen, Clyde. Encouraging news, early voting #’s are setting new records. People are fed up!

  6. Connie Eggenschwiller on said:

    Clyde, You know I agree with all that you wrote. Frankly, it scares me to death. I have children and grandchildren and I only wish that they could of known the government that I grew up with.
    Keep up the good work,
    love, Connie

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