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Unfortunately living in Sabine County Texas limits my ability to choose what newspaper I can read. We have a wonderful weekly Sabine County Reporter that chooses not to print editorial political positions and the only other newspaper available is the Beaumont Enterprise. The Enterprise is one of the most liberal newspapers in Texas. The Beaumont area is strongly Democratic and is as liberal as Austin. This area in South East Texas leans so far to the left I am surprised that Louisiana does not build a wall to keep them from moving east. I take the paper for the crossword puzzle that is not slanted left, yet!

My paper today has two lead articles, one on the first page and the other on the facing page three. They are both designed to start twisting facts and igniting the Democratic method to destroy the Republicans by civil war within the party. They have perfected this method of inciting them to destroy themselves with divided issues like abortion. The saddest part is that the Republicans fall for the bait every time and end up committing suicide by attacking each other.

The lead article is titled, “Challenge Awaits the Texas GOP’ and subtitled with “Can Republican leaders of widely divergent viewpoints achieve compromise and govern their state effectively? When you read the article the purpose is to start a war between the new Governor, Greg Abbott, new Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Joe Straus, Speaker of the House. Using terms to describe Patrick like calling him a “firebrand” are the hidden agenda tactics. By the way this article was written by Mike Ward and David Saleh Rauf and by lined from Austin. Austin is the San Francisco of Texas politically.

The second article is a national attempt to create dissention within the GOP by scenarios to stimulate war between the Republican Party and the so called Tea Party. The headline is, “Tea party sees GOP rise as a new threat”. This article was from the New York Times New Service. No one took credit for writing the propaganda. Taking quotes from different individuals the article is designed to stir up debate within the conservatives to create a civil war. This is just another attempt to change the pressure on voters to ignore the problems we face with jobs, Keystone, ISIS and a runaway government gone mad.

My intent is to hopefully wake up conservatives to stay on message and force Obama to stop wrecking our Constitution and freedom. If you missed my article, “Republicans Won-Can They Lead” that I posted on November 5th you will better understand my concerns.

America has been leaderless far too long. The only person I have watched that has the potential to emerge as a leader in either party is Dr. Ben Carson. Unfortunately he is not a career politician and is a conservative so he will be attacked by both the Democratic and Republican politicians.

If you have names of any Americans you feel are leaders that would help unite Americans again, send me their names and I will write an article using your inputs so people can hopefully start the uniting process. A continued divided America will eventually self-destruct.

C Brewer  

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