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The looting and destroying property that is happening in Ferguson Missouri tonight is called justice by the “animals” that have been incited by our President and Eric Holder.

They must be smiling as they watch the chaos they have promoted by making judgements without facts that is the benchmark of the Obama administration. It makes me sick to watch so many people hurt that had no involvement in the killing of a man gone wild by the police.

Listening to our President do nothing to try to defuse the tension is another intentional act to divide Americans with every possible  chaos he can generate.

Animals should be treated with force and it is time for our military to stop the lawlessness of our President and the Justice Department. Listening to some of the black congresspersons call for more violance is grounds for removing them from office. I suppose the violence will spread nationwide to satisfy the planned civil disobedience desired by President Obama.

History will find that Obama did more to destroy America any foreign enemy. This is true for the 84 years I have lived so far. This could be the beginning of our second civil war that Obama is hell bent to create before his term is over.

How do you feel about our Presidents leadership?   C Brewer  

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  1. I’m not totally convinced that the “law of the land” means a tinker’s damn to those who would usurp it in favor of discord! Our nation’s so-called “leaders” are indeed “leading” us straight down the path of destruction of our Constitutional Republic! Every direction I turn, I see nothing but chaos, corruption, civil disobedience, threats of anarchy or worse, tyranny! How long will this dangerous foolishness continue? Only as long as it takes to rid the nation and the world of civility and common sense. Indeed, as I once read a penned “epithet” regarding the death of “common sense”, we are rapidly approaching a destination from which there is no return! America is teetering on the brink of “SOCIALISM!”

    • Tom, I suppose when we have chaos in every town in America the military will get involved. Insurrection promoted by our President and Justice Department must be stopped by someone.

      • cb, Just who is the “someone” that will stop the insurrection, if not we the citizens? I’m not advocating for all-out rebellion, however, I do believe that it may not be a bad idea given the state of affairs in our government at this critical time in our nation! Do you suppose that by sitting back in our comfort zones, expecting “someone” else to do the “dirty work” of corraling this rogue government will end the chaos and corruption? I fear not! Both parties are guilty of allowing this near Socialist government to exist! Therefore, it behooves us as citizens to raise our voices all across this land and loudly proclaim that “enough is enough” and begin to really retake our country. I do have a glimmer of hope in an upcoming Patriot and several other Conservatives who do love our nation and will take a stand for “justice for all!” Having thus stated my opinions, I invite any God fearing, flag waving, Patriot to join me and millions more to do just that………take back our country from the Progressive idiots! A few years ago if anyone had told me to “get involved” in our government and educate oneself on the political scene, I would have told that person(s) to take a hike, that I did not create the mess we presently have, yet, today, that is precisely what I must do and encourage other like-minded Conservatives to join with me and make some real noise that the politicians cannot ignore!

  2. Years from now, they will prove he is a devout muslim, and was born in another country. He is following the Cloward and Piven playbook, word for word.

    • chris, let’s put Obama into perspective as relates to his “life after politics”! It has been suggested that this man is a sociopath liar, cheat, and manipulator, not too unlike other progressive liberals. Bill & Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and on and on! The perspective is that Obama, like his ilk will be remembered but never punished for his acts of treason against the citizens of the USA. Why? My best guess is that there are no Conservatives with enough back-bone to step up to the plate and demand justice for the people. Now the tragedy of all of this is that the people, you and I are not concerned enough to really want to do anything constructive to end the corruption we see running rampant in our governments, be it Federal, State or local. Politics, like prostitution is in the eyes of many, a necessary evil in what we call a civilized society. There is an adage that I find to be a principled lesson: “Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” My consolation in all of this corruption is that all of us will someday be called forth to account for our actions! That is my firm belief.

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