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The recent decision by our President to ignore the laws of the land regarding illegal immigration has upset me deeply. He has thumbed his nose at so many laws he feels are unnecessary, I am trying to compile a list of questions on why citizens are expected to follow any laws that do not threaten others. Like permits, licenses, government services that are collected to support welfare and fees like stamps, gas taxes, etc.

I am asking you to send me any questions you may have that seem unfair to those who actually work and pay taxes to support illegals and the masses on welfare who have advantages others do not enjoy.

Even in Socialists countries, many I have visited or worked in, make every able bodied citizen pay for government services if they receive them.

If you are also upset then help me by sending me specific regulations, laws, taxes, fees, etc that you question. I will compile the significant items into an article and give credit for your inputs. This should make for interesting discussion and possibly encourage Congress to re-adjust its priorities. The media really does not care if bias is unfair.

You can comment easily on this article, or use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or send me an E mail. This unfairness is so complex I do not desire to try this alone.

Clyde Brewer  


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  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    It will make interesting reading if you get some responses Clyde. Good luck. One of mine would be, if you are not a citizen or a legally landed immigrant, why do they get ANY government assistance.


  2. Allan C. Moore on said:

    My gig is that the Fed. pass a law as did Florids, that any person drawing food stamps or any govt aid are subject to drug test, and if fail, loose all benefits for a year, then retest. If fail again, loose again. This might get them to work, if they get hungry enough.

  3. Thomas H. Seigo on said:

    Mr. Brewer, While I do not profess the intellectual requirements to proffer opinions regarding politics, I do, thanks to family values possess “common sense thinking” when it comes to bring a responsible member of society. There is perhaps one paragraph in your appeal that most struck me as being sensible and that would go far in solving some of the numerous problems this nation faces today and that has increased every year since the “LBJ” years. I refer to the third paragraph of your “memo”. “Even in Socialist countries….”! For far, far too long, we have allowed politicians to dole out billions of dollars in taxes that you and I and millions of hard-working Americans have paid, only to see those dollars given away “FREE OF CHARGE” to “lazy, do-nothing” folks that have no intention of ever becoming a viable and responsible part of our society. Theirs is the credo that “we owe it to them” and we must take care of them AND their future families for years without end. I refer to this as “generational welfare” and I vehemently oppose it. While in the early part of the “Great Depression”, my family did receive welfare as did millions of families, however, thanks to my parents family values, we were thankfully able to pick up the pieces and create a responsible and productive living style that provided food on the table (mostly home grown), a roof over our heads (no matter how simple it was) and clothes on our backs (Mom was a good seamstress). We not only rose above our poverty, we thanked the good Lord for the gift of hard work and the sense to “come in out of the rain, snow, heat, cold or whatever inclement weather that came our way.

    As I stated earlier, while I do not possess the intellectual requirements, whatever that may be, I do firmly believe that we need to return to the use of good old-fashioned “COMMON SENSE” thinking when discussing the economic and security issues that plague our nation today! I hope my thoughts provide some “food for thought!” Best regards and GOD bless,[?]

    *​Tom Seigo​*

    • Thomas Seigo, you have more intellectual capability than you are aware of. Your “Common Sense” capability is far greater than you think. After passing the Mensa exam at 47 it proved to me than intelligence is worthless unless you understand common sense. I have deeply appreciated the tome you take to give me feedback. My entire life has been spent learning everything possible about everything and I still learn something every day. My grandparents also had to survive the late 1930’s with commodities they were called then. Please continue to help me try to make a difference.

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