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I received this message from my great friend Ron Jenkins who is as deeply concerned about America as I am. I asked his permission to post this unedited and Ron agreed. I hope you share this with your friends if you are as concerned as Ron and myself.  Today is a double header with two postings.    C Brewer


There are so many issues that our elected leader has failed to act on or has acted in contravention of the best interests of the American people.  His actions seem totally selfish and for the benefit of his family or himself, rather than the millions of legal American citizens and that’s not fair!

He has appointed a second ineffective Secretary of State, Mr. Kerry, following the debacle of Mrs. Clinton.

On International Issues President Obama has been ineffective in confronting the Russian Premier, Mr. Putin, over the latter’s illegal incursion into the Ukraine and the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner.

Neither the president nor Mr. Kerry have been able to garner international support for further sanctions on Iran and their nuclear energy development program. 

He is so obsessed with “Green Energy” initiatives that he has given “carte blanche” to the commercial juggernaut of the Chinese economy, to progress, without any concern for the damage their industrial activity is doing to the environment. 

He has failed to keep sufficient residual forces, in both Iraq and Afghanistan, to backstop their cowardly military.

There are more disgusting failures relating to his domestic policies.  First and foremost is his failure to lead. 

Failure to provide the leadership to the US Senate Majority Leader, Mr. Harry Reid, to stop blocking debate and the passage of legislation necessary for the furtherance of US governmental operations.

Failure to replace the US Attorney General, Mr. Eric Holder, for his recalcitrance and refusal to comply with US Congressional requests, regarding the “gun running” fiasco characterized as the “fast and furious” scandal, failure to prosecute Black Panther members for voter intimidation during the 2008 federal election, failure to prosecute IRS managers for illegally targeting political action groups and using the power of a governmental agency to coerce and intimidate the American public. 

Failure to promote job creation projects like the “Keystone Pipeline Project” in favor of criminal enterprises or crony capitalization projects such as Solyndra energy. 

Failure to react in a timely manner in such instances as the Osama Bin Laden assassination, the Captain Philips hostage situation, and the murder of our Ambassador in Benghazi. 

Failure to enforce US Immigration Law, and release of thousands of illegal aliens from prison without advising local law enforcement of the action.

Failure to remain impartial in legal cases of national interest, i.e., Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Failure to recognize and publicize the causes of social unrest especially in minority communities due to the breakdown of the family unit. Children born out of wedlock, through the unrestrained impregnation of young black women by irresponsible black men.  

Failure to hold responsible the incompetent managers he has appointed to his administration. 

Barack Hussein Obama is the most incompetent Chief Executive to ever hold the office of POTUS and that is unfair to me.

Ron Jenkins


Ron is a retired US Air Force Officer and lives in San Antonio Texas

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