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Every time I question the value of my work I hear from the same six or seven friends who encourage me to continue my research and writing. I deeply appreciate this support. My 800th article, “ANOTHER OIL CRISIS”, published January 12th was in my opinion one of the most profound messages I ever tried to share. I spent most of an entire weekend reading and recalling my personal experiences to share a message I had hoped would impact someone. The way our government has helped manipulate, regulate, tax, and issue propaganda trying to destroy our domestic oil and gas industry in my lifetime is insane.

I suppose we have so much information and bias today it is difficult for us all to search out the truth. When you can’t rely on our own President to tell the truth and watch him and the main stream media memorize enough voters to re-elect him, we are doomed to failure. He can ignore the Constitution while Congress and the Supreme Court just watch and hide while the destruction of the worlds greatest country is underway.

My last article posted was sent to 275 subscribers. It was posted on Facebook and over 100 friends got notice. It was posted on Twitter and LinkedIn and I have no statistics to how many people subscribe. I sent a copy to another 88 people by E mail. I have not receives a single “Like” on any of these locations and not one comment from anyone on any of these sites. I got one phone call from Phil Sizer, who is one of my oldest friends, to tell me I was 100% correct with every fact in my article. So far maybe a dozen random hits have been recorded on WordPress, maybe by accident?

I will continue to read avidly and watch Obama continue his destructive assault on our freedoms. The six or seven avid friends and supporters will likely see my feelings expressed in E messages like they do now. I will take some time off to evaluate the time it takes to do the formal WordPress postings as it appears I am wasting my time and money.

C Brewer


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6 thoughts on “SABBATICAL TIME!

  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    I hope I am among those who appreciates your work Clyde. What is happening in the oil industry is, to me, the same manipulation of the public that happens by all governments and multi nationals. I know you have commented on the sit-ins in Wall Street and elsewhere but are they not just responding to the same issues as you, but in another way? We get manipulated in and out of wars and other tragedies by governments and other leaders when is suits their purposes not ours. Please continue you research and blog. If nothing else it saves me from staying up all night doing my own!

    Baxter .

    • Baxter, nothing will stop me from writing and you are obviously one of the individuals that will continue to receive my every thought as I have tried to do for the past three years+. Posting the material on the blog is time consuming and I have to pay for the service.

  2. wally kittman on said:

    I enjoy reading your articles- have forwarded them & encouraged them to send a comments..I guess I have no real influence with some of my friends.. wk


  3. Thomas H. Seigo on said:

    Mr. Brewer, I was not aware that you either expected or anticipated responses from your readers. I have been an avid supporter of your work since subscribing to your posts, and I have forwarded numerous of those posts to everyone in my address book, asking for comments. Most of them completely agree with your comments and yes, there are a very few naysayers who refuse to be led by the truth. So, henceforth, I shall attempt to respond and I shall also forward your commentaries to my face book page for others to see. In the interim, please continue with your most noteworthy commentaries as I very much enjoy them and truly do agree as one conservative to another. I only wish I possessed the ability to speak and write so eloquently as do you! Best regards and God bless,[?]

    *Tom Seigo*

    • Thanks Thomas, I suppose I just need a few days to clear my mind. I enjoy reading and God gave me the ability to write and express my beliefs. At my advanced age I just hope to share as much as possible. There is no expect ion or requirement to comment or respond. Feedback is very important to help me know what others desire. I have enjoyed your comments and thanks you for your king assessment of my ability.

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