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Watching the triad of Republican candidates, Cruz, Paul and Rubio who are already running for President of the United States is interesting. If you desire to watch how the three traits I included in the title of this article play out you might gain some knowledge. Honesty and ethics of these young men is refreshing but when you throw in innocence you have a factor most overlook. The one thing that will remove all chances of a Republican winning back the White house in 2016 is gullibility. All three of these candidates have proven to me that they are honest and ethical in both written words and interviews.

Looking back at the last two Republicans who ran for President, McCain and Romney, there were differences. McCain came across as a career politician who felt like Americans owed him the position. Even though I voted for him I never personally trusted his honesty or his ethics. In regards to his gullibility, Obama made him look like a fool in every debate they had. McCain is not a bad person but politics have scarred his body and mind far more than his time as a prisoner of war.  

When Romney, who I also voted for, made his run for the Presidency he came across to me as a model of honesty and ethics. If they had pictures in the dictionary to display beside the words Ethics and Honesty Romney, Cruz, Paul and Rubio would all be there. Sadly like McCain, Romney also let courtesy, leadership and correctness allow the biggest con artist in American political history to win two terms as President of the United States. Gullibility is being unable to understand that politics in America today is one-sided.

I am “not” suggesting that the Republican candidates learn how to lie, cheat, extort, and mesmerize the voter. They must learn how to expose both the Democratic candidate, Democrats in Congress and the media who has the power to destroy any political candidate they desire. The American media is no longer a purveyor of the news, it has become a propaganda power far greater than the press in Germany was in the 1930’s when I was a boy. Obama, with the help of the media, has proved if you lie long enough the gullible will give up. Currently the gullible women, students and the exploding welfare population believe that getting everything free has no consequences. When there is no longer anyone able or willing to create industrial jobs the party is over.

This morning I watched an interview of Rand Paul on Fox and Friends that was an example of how gullible the inexperienced Senator can be. Fox is accused of right-wing bias but this morning it proved otherwise to me. The entire interview was pushing him to criticize Hillary Clinton. They had no other purpose than to make him look like he was against the only woman running so far for President. This chicanery is to be expected on CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC and their derivatives. Now Fox appears to be changing.

I mentioned that I voted for both McCain and Romney but I did not explain another political phenomenon that has now become the standard for elections in America in my lifetime. Only the gullible vote for anyone today while myself and far too many Americans actually vote against someone for their choices for leadership. Any American that voted for Obama, especially the second time, has intelligence issues and has no regard for either ethics or honesty. No one in their right mind can ignore the effort to ignore our Constitution by our President, Cabinet Officers and even the Supreme Court. If these people want to change the Constitution, our rights and our government, then do it by lawful methods already in place.

So far the only Republican candidate that has proven to me that he is smarter than the twisted interviewers is Cruz. So far he has been faster minded than the media and has not been goaded to criticizing his opponents, including Hillary. If he maintains his mastery of knowledge, honesty and ethics during interviews and debates he will get my vote and support. Unfortunately because he is a proven leader he will likely not get nominated. If the Republicans continue to destroy each other in the primaries I will probably just vote for a third loser in a row. President Hillary Clinton scares me and the Republican Party will cease to exists.

C Brewer  

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  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    I have also watched various U.S. based culture stations. CNBC and Bloomberg among them. What I do not understand Clyde about American politics is that if the House and the Senate are Republican controlled (Correct me there) why then are not American political decisions supporting the Republican viewpoint? Certainly Obama is the President but is your system of government not designed to prevent just one of your three divisions rule over the other two. It seems to me as an outsider that all decisions are based on what the President proposes and reduced in importance from there? Is it not supposed to work the other way???

    My heart bleeds for what is happening in Baltimore!


    • Baxter, the balance of power before Obama was stretched several times but the media would scream enough to bring sanity back. Now the media is happy to see Obama exceed his power so many times it is scary. The only way to stop this is but a military coup or a Supreme Court that makes legal decisions rather than political. America has never experienced this blatant lawless action by a President and Obama has destroyed the military leadership and stacked the Courts and it would not surprise me to see him declare marshall law and cancel the elections next year. Who would stop him? Anarchy in Baltimore is just the beginning of what he and the Democrats in Congress have been inciting and the future of a United States is on peril. The next move will be to control the press and push to confiscate guns. I fear for my children as I am so old it really want matter. No one on earth hopes more than I do that I am wrong. Our path is on track of what we saw in Germany in the 1930’s.

  2. I can’t disagree with anything you had to say, with the exception of Hillary Clinton.
    She is the most unaccomplished candidate I have ever witnessed aspire to be
    president- she is the epitome of dishonesty and willful deceit. I will concede she is
    a female but if elected will have a transgender operation, divorce Bill Clinton and
    propose to Bruce Jenner. This would cover all of her only talking points,GENDER.

  3. It appears that you have stated exactly what I too am experiencing with the Republican party. I am rapidly becoming disenfranchised with them and their “all-American” rhetoric! It is sad to have to admit to having voted for two “losers” in a row! There is one point I wish to make however! You define such as Cruz, Rubio, and Paul as gullible, and perhaps rightly so. Still, there is an important underlying factor that needs to be brought to light. I am referring to the so-called “elites” or as is often used, “old guard” Republicans (including the likes of McCain, Boehner, McConnell, et al) who “fetter” their Junior colleagues and prevent them from most all attempts to fulfill the promises made to their constituents when they (Junior Senators and Representatives) ran for office in 2013 and was elected in 2014 by an overwhelming (in most cases) margin! Why? Good question and I truly wish I had a conclusive answer! So, I will venture my opinions. Greed! Special Interests! Personal agendas! Promise the constituents anything without taking risks! Whatever it takes to get re-elected……time after time after time! These are not true Patriots, these are what is commonly known as “career politicians” whose only agenda is to seek, obtain and maintain control through “power politics!”, and we are the real losers! What, when, where, why and how are some of the most intriguing words in the English language and I will invite anyone to decipher my reason(s) for even mentioning them!

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