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I have been busy watching it rain for the past few weeks and it seems like Texas is either being punished or blessed. The Austin, Houston and Rio Grand areas are the most liberal Democratic controlled part of  this conservative governed state. Could this be an omen?

Having more than the usual time to stay indoors I have been selectively observing the national news. The new breed of reporters in both written and  televised news reveal that Americans have transitioned from demanding  dedicated, trustworthy truthful news commentators to  professional “Witch Hunters.” Watching Chris Wallace these past few Sundays change from a pleasant and fair host into a tricky, biased and hateful person like his father was. It appears to me that FOX News has been bought out by NBC or George Soros.

I used to be a loyal consumer of the programming of FOX News. This was the only news source that actually had what they advertised as “Fair and Balanced news”. All I had to do was change the channel when Juan Williams, Bob Beckel or Alan Combes  appeared. I was disappointed when Soros paid someone enough to fire Glenn Beck when he backed him into the corner with factual information of his evil activity..

Beck was and is biased and like myself two paces right of Atilla the Hun. What captured my interest in Beck was his programming that was aimed in making Americans more aware of our history, culture and wisdom. His programming that focused on the wisdom of the  Americans who designed our successful Republic form of democracy was brilliant. I learned more about American history from Glenn Beck than from all of my history lessons in our educational system.

Nearing 85 I have been blessed to have witnessed  history that has changed this world beyond anyones expectation. Wars like WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Washington D.C. Other things like the atomic bomb, 9-11, Watts, LBJ, Jimmy Carter come to mind as destructive and historical. Few Americans have had the chance to visit and/or work in 32 countries and 49 states in their lifetime. Now in the twilight of my life I am dedicated to share my wisdom, experience and visions with anyone willing to read my articles that are free and without the strings that politicians place on their “Free” everything.

Now let me share some thoughts. It appears that women voters have already decided to  vote to elect Hillary Clinton President. If they join forces with the multitude of Americans who believe the government  owes them a living and the illegal aliens there is no need to even have an election. Having a woman President is more than acceptable to me but Hillary is not even an American at heart and she has demonstrated that love of Socialism since the hippy movement in the 1960’s. Her Benghazi actions alone is enough to show the way she hates our Republic form of government but telling the American public she will support the average American is unbelievable.

I can’t really believe enough Americans can be so dense and gullible to even allow Hillary to even nominate her to run. On second thought I do admit that I do know how evil the lying Democrats have become. Watching the political lynchings happening in Baltimore, Missouri and other Democratic states and cities is proof  that their strategy of dividing America is now a new war already underway. Obama must be smiling every time a white person is persecuted or killed.

Ladies you now have the power to control every aspect of government. I hope you use this power wisely before your freedom to be a real woman will be hard to see if you are wearing a Burka.


C Brewer

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  1. wally kittman on said:

    Agree with all – It’s amazing how someone like Hillary who is so obviously dishonest can be president – It becomes apparent where and what the U.S. government will be. Cities like Detroit, CHICAGO, and Baltimore. Folks, politically
    we are on a downhill slide…wk

    • As an afterthought,when you look at the facts about lying,cheating,honesty,ethics and personal gain, Obama and the Clintons make Richard Nixon look like a choir boy. Back then the media was fair and balanced. My how times have changed.

  2. Once again Mr. Brewer, you have exacted a picture-perfect description of: 1) “witch hunters, 2) wars, particularly the one in Washington, District of Corruption, 3) George Soros (I have been espousing this evil person since I first heard of him many years ago (Glenn Beck for all his faults was and still is a true American Patriot!, 4) Hillary Clinton-likely the most sinister female Socialist alive, 5) Democrats who are indeed causing the likes of JFK to turn over in his grave! All in all sir, ours is a nation of gullible and ignorant people who possess no understanding of how our forebears struggled to make this country great with respect to freedom and the “American Way”…..ours is now to pray that Providence will once more intervene and bring our floundering nation to its senses and return to HIS flock as with the Israelites. God bless you for your wisdon and insightful opinions!

    • Thanks Tom, comments like yours and Wally Kittman are what keep me writing. Its a crying shame our media has become so corrupt in my lifetime.

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