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Mark you historical calendar to note that June 25, 2015 was the day that the Supreme Court just started the move to eliminate all states rights in America. I don’t care whether you agree or disagree we now have our highest court assume the position of making compassion a reason to ignore the laws of the land.

The decision to ignore the wording in the Affordable Care Act and not force Congress to fix the law is the scariest action by this court in my lifetime. Congress could have fixed the mess they created  without this court agreeing to ignore the law.

If you read my last article, “SCOTUS OR PCOTUS”, you will see the trend that the laws of the land are no longer the purpose of the Supreme Court. They were appointed and swore to uphold our Constitutional laws that they now just ignore. This action will create a race to ban all rights of States and watch Obama make a race to ban gun sales nationally his number one priority by Executive Action. He now knows the Supreme Court will agree with anything he desires. 

C Brewer







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  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    The next one may be to extend his term due to some contrived emergency!


  2. I hope everyone will share this.

  3. /chris on said:

    Nothing suprises me anymore. Have you had a chance to read Scalia’s reaction? Priceless.

    • Chris I read it and its a shame the press will twist it. Our government has me ashamed of the way they are flushing freedoms down the toilet so fast our courts no longer care. Our military has been decimated and we are headed fro anarchy in our streets which is what Obama wants.

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