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Any American that watches this factual report and agrees that America needs to let the Progressive-Liberals confiscate all guns is an idiot. Hitler sold this to the German people in the 1930’s when I was a boy and history proves it led to the killing of millions of German citizens who opposed the government. If any American, including Obummer can refute facts then we have another Dictator in our future. Why the media will not allow this material to be aired is obviously a sign that the US government has already full control of what we read or see. Watch the manipulation of freedom of speech be a target after the gun hunt. The biggest enemy of the people in America today is not ISIS, it’s the Obama control of everything he desires. He knows the opposition is so busy destroying itself and the military has been cleansed of leadership no one can stop him using Martial Law to stay in power as long as he desires. Keep calling people like me extremists but history is very clear on the path our country is traveling. They can distort but they can’t erase what is already documented of the same path Germany was on when I was a boy.  Send me your facts that dispute this presentation so it can be shared.      

C Brewer

Do you think Obama checked these numbers before he made his most recent anti-gun proclamation?


If you think guns are a problem in the U.S., you should watch this. Be sure to watch it until the very end.











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