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Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


I doubt that anyone has recently missed my words of wisdom, experience and vision of life in the United States of America that began on August 31, 1930. I am certainly not the oldest, richest, and smartest or best educated American still alive but no American alive or dead has loved this country more than I still do. I will claim to be one of the most disappointed Americans alive watching the leaderless political meltdown and a misguided media spark the flames of dissention to purposely disunite the people.

Let me review some facts that history will prove are absolutely certain. We have a two term President who has written books that are filled with hate for every system of government. He is so obsessed with the hate of slavery, which was wrong and abolished in America 150 years ago, he is hell-bent to destroy our Republic form of government. In fact he has repeatedly sparked the flames of insurrection and uses the money mad media to disunite the people. He is no different than Louis Farrakhan but he is in control and commands the power over the media, Congress, the military and the Supreme Court.

Another alarming fact is nearly 100% of our Congress is so scared of both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz they will do anything to keep them from being elected President. Trump and Cruz know what needs to be done to re-unite Americans and revive the middle class successes we enjoyed for most of my 85 years. Congress is so filled with millionaires who have sucked off the government teat all of their adult lives fear that “Term Limits” will send them back to chasing ambulances. Congress is 100% responsible for the entire reason Americans are so scattered and our unity is under attack. They make the laws that our President ignores while he incites chaos by making Americans hate each other.

America has three units of government designed to make sure we have freedom and it has worked for a long time to keep the balance of power under control. I have covered the Executive Branch which our President is responsible and the Congressional Branch which controls the laws and appropriates the funds to operate all three Branches. We the people elect both the President and Congress. Now let me review the third Branch, the Supreme Court.

Our founding fathers would spin in their graves if they could see where they failed when they gave lifetime tenure to nine lawyers who were appointed by the President and approved by the 100 members of the senate. Currently we have only 53 lawyers in the Senate and 160 in the House but I feel certain that Washington DC has more than any State by a wide margin. It appears that lawyers in the 1700’s found it more profitable to follow a wagon ambulance on horseback than lawyers today having to fight traffic in their BMW’s.

There has never been a Supreme Court Justice who was not an attorney in our history but there is no requirement in the Constitution that they have to be lawyers. Like term limits it is time to put some balance in this group as we now have the current 4 to 4 votes after Scalia was recently and quietly removed. It appears that law schools have different ways to read the Constitution as the Supreme Court has been aligned by political preference all of my life which appears to be a root cause for dissention in every decision they make.

So we have a President who ignores selective laws and incites anarchy, a Congress that is afraid to force him to follow their laws and a Supreme Court that can’t render any decisions because half of them are against the other half. Folks is there any wonder why America is so disunited?

Hoping I can get some attention to the fact that we have millions of illegal aliens with more rights to both welfare and health care than our veterans and too many children, please listen to Trump and Cruz. My choice for President is Donald Trump who is a proven leader and who I pray will nominate Ted Cruz as the next Supreme Court Justice. Both Washington and the Supreme Court need to be changed. No wonder Congress is scared, hopefully most of them will soon need to find other ways to make a living.

C Brewer

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    Nailed it

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