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I sat down at my PC today to do an article on Memorial Day and the sacrifices so many Americans have made in my lifetime to protect our freedoms. I have recently written several articles and posted many instances of how America mistreats its veterans on Facebook. Millions of Americans, including myself, have freely volunteered to serve in one of our military services in their lifetime.

The government owes me nothing, I have never asked for anything as I was fortunate to live the American dream and able to provide for myself. Unfortunately due to wounds, injuries, inhuman treatment, neglect, imprisonment and Agent Orange administered by our own government in Viet Nam, we continue to have thousands of wonderful Americans who need help.

Every member of Congress, the President and every employee of the US government should be ashamed of the torture they have designed to treat these brave veterans. The saddest part is our President and Congress are more interested in providing free services to aliens, legal and illegal, to buy their votes. This includes both Demoncrats and Republicans and they just ignore the travesty year after year.

Along come a fresh, brash, successful American named Donald Trump and the people like myself have arisen to tell Washington that we have had enough. He is the first politician in my 85 years that has promised to actually treat the veterans with equal healthcare service. This one promise gained my vote and support as none of the others who have and are still running care about the veterans. I will also add that Trump’s promise to “stop” the illegal alien invasion and the Obama acts of inviting known enemies to enjoy all of the benefits for Americans, except military veterans, are provided.

At the same time I was listening to the news which was showing the scenes of recent protest, political dissent, including civil disobedience at a Seattle May Day protest marred by unbelievable violence. I typed into Google to read about “Recent political violence in America”. What happened was unreal as I was given access to 88,700,000 Search Results.

To accentuate the “Disunited States of America let me share some of the near ninety million illustrations it appears available for review:

Mar 14, 2016 – “Tonight wild, chair-swinging violence erupted at a Trump rally” in Detroit”.

“Donald Trump and Why America is Hurtling toward a Violent schism”.

“In January, protesters tried to disrupt a Trump rally in Vermont”.

Apr 9, 2016 –“Donald Trump & Protests — Violence Marks 2016 Election Cycle.”

Mar 17, 2016 – “Why 2016 Is Shaping Up to Be the Most Violent Election Cycle in the United States.”

Mar 12, 2016 – “Trump supporters, protesters clash after Chicago rally postponed …. Should Trump denounce violence at his rallies? ….. “For all of us who cherish the ideals upon which our country was founded, the hateful, should not only say loudly and clearly that violence has no place in our politics.

Apr 30, 2016 – “Seattle May Day protests marred by violence”.

If Congress had a scintilla of common sense or an ounce of decent honesty they would enact legislation with 100% support on this Memorial Day. This law would demand immediate arrest of every protester at any violent event, even if they were just watching and send them to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. These lazy sleaze bags, likely on welfare or college professors could all protest actual events of civil disobedience, inhuman treatment and real warfare. Pay them what we pay the military that we send to these God forsaken places.

To my fellow American veterans I wish you a wonderful Memorial Day we likely will celebrate among ourselves.

To Congress, President Obama, the Supreme Court, our media, spineless protesters, Illegal invaders, Progressive -Liberals and our leaderless government, let me invite you all to

“Go to Hell”.

C Brewer, US Navy Veteran 1947-1952 , May 30, 2016 – Memorial Day – Vote for Trump.

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    Clyde, I agree with article. I am afraid violent protest are just beginning.
    Our country is flooded with people that do not share our American values.
    Some immigrants, but mainly people born here. Where did we go wrong?
    The youth of our country have been stolen from us.

    John Booker

    • John, you are dead right and your words of wisdom will be valuable to those who read your comments. I hope to come for lunch soon and a chance to discuss this subject deeper. I like your last sentence as I have grandchildren who refuse to believe they will lose more freedoms. If someone like Trump is not successful in changing our course these young folks will see suffering for their children even worse. They have developed a way to ignore advice by being educated by professors who are pure Socialist or Communists.

      • Landon Miller on said:

        Papa, I think most of your Grandkids believe this election is more important than any other. I truly believe that if “Crooked Hillary” wins, my generation has no chance. We will see more and more freedoms taken away until we are all just slaves of the system.

        I think youth being stolen stems from two issues.

        The first is parenting. Sometime in the last generation something changed and parents started trying to be their kids best friend instead of a parent. A lot of my peers did not have to worry about any kind of responsibility until their mid 20’s because their parents took care of everything. Parents are no longer teaching their kids how to take responsibility. It is all about “he is so special”, and as most of your kids who are teachers have heard “my baby wouldn’t do that”. Parents are so blinded by their attempts to be a friend, that they forget their number one role… being a parent. This is just going to get worse. . .

        Second, My generation is not full of fighters like previous generations. Starting out the odds have already been stacked against us. The American dream seems impossible to obtain now. Our school systems have gone from focusing on learning to focusing on greed. For those of us who have had to fight for what we wanted, we are punished for it. When a system punishes you for being responsible, something is wrong with that system. Look at your grandkids for instance. Several of us have over 100k in school debts for a job that is a civil service (teacher/nurse). It will take most of us 10-20 years to pay off this debt. Almost all of your Grandkids are working, and barley making it by. Yet you have people who do not work and take advantage of the government, and they live better lives than people of the middle class who are working full time!

        The violence is going to get worse. It will not be long before someone is severally hurt or killed at one of these rallies. Change is coming with Trump, and people are scared of actually having to work for a living. Most of these protesters have probably put more work into these rallies then trying to find a job.

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