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I stumbled across this article on Facebook and thought it was significant enough to share. It appears the reasons are worse than the media reported


Earlier this week, former President Bill Clinton had a clandestine meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and while the two claim it was an innocent chat about family, travel, and golf, the real reason is much more nefarious than that.

According to a report from the Daily Caller, it’s quite likely that Slick Willie met with Lynch to beg for a plea bargain, and not just for his wife. Old Bill is also a person of interest in the investigation due to his shady dealings under the Clinton Foundation, so it’s quite likely he was trying to figure a way out of whatever charges are coming.

The Caller has more:

When Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately Monday in her jet in Phoenix, Arizona, some speculate he may have been pleading for his wife who is under investigation by the FBI and the Department of Justice. But the former president may also have been pleading for himself, according to a former federal prosecutor.

While political observers are focused on former Secretary of State and all-but-certain Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, her husband also has been a principal player behind the scenes at the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova told the Daily Caller News Foundation the former President “is at least a witness in two criminal investigations, probably a subject in two criminal investigations. He is a person of interest officially to the Department of Justice,” he said flatly.

Both the FBI and Justice Department have launched investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server and email address for official U.S. government business during her tenure as the nation’s chief diplomat.

But investigators also are reportedly investigating “public corruption” links between Hillary’s work at the State Department with large foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation, many of which were orchestrated by her husband.

During Hillary’s term at the State Department, Bill was globe-trotting around the world on behalf of the foundation, meeting Middle Eastern Sheiks, Russian and Ukrainian tycoons, and African mining magnates.

His globe-trotting turned out to be quite lucrative as well. He was able to rake in millions upon millions of dollars in donations to his organization as well as receive huge payments for speaking fees.

As the Caller noted, the donations and payments also happened to coincide with seemingly preferential treatment from the State Department while his wife was running it. From the outside looking in, it’s quite evident what was going on – Bill was negotiating these massive payments to enrich himself and Hillary while she turned around and awarded their “donors” with massive contracts and other lucrative deals form the federal government.

So to think that Bill met with Lynch for anything other than to discuss the ongoing investigation is to turn a blind eye to the reality before you. With Lynch stating that she’s going to adhere to whatever the FBI recommends, we just might see the fall of the Clinton dynasty result from the entire mess.

If that happens, we can breathe a collective sigh of relief that the nation’s most corrupt family is finally out of our government.


I decided to post this as it makes more sense than the interviews I watched on Fox. Washington has become the most corrupt town on earth. Americans finally have a chance to elect Trump who is the only person who is dedicated to cleaning up the most dysfunctional government on earth. Obama has made America worse than Greece as both are in a race to see who can reach bankruptcy first. What do you think?

C Brewer   July 1, 2016

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