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Now that I hope I caught your attention, you will discover that a desideratum is something that is needed or wanted. Now that we are living in an age of constant political events and unrest we never seem to care as a nation how we have become unglued from being a nation of laws and faith.

I feel certain I have a window of vision and memories far wider that 99% of anyone who by chance or interest will actually take the time to read this message. I am truly blessed to still have my mind although I do suffer with the rigors and pain of being 86 years old.

I was born in 1930 when America was struggling with the “Great Depression”. I have actually lived through a transition from being poor to living a life few people will ever achieve. I actually met every desire and milestone I set for myself when I was 63 years old. Professors and the dictionary define this as “Self-Actuation” that few people ever achieve.

Now let me challenge you to do some research for me with some questions I will share before the election in November. These are valid and I have tried to describe them so that anyone should be able to find at least one that would be interesting. Should you have any interesting questions please share them.

I wonder how many poor people have actually escaped poverty since Obama was elected on a promise to help them?

I wonder how many Ph.Ds. have been earned by the poor people since Lyndon Johnson started the war on poverty?

I wonder how many actually poor people have ever been elected to Congress in the last 50 years?

I wonder how many young people have been elected to serve in Congress over the past 50 years and became millionaires before they retired?

I wonder how many millionaires do we have on the government payroll today?

I wonder if there is any American college or university president that makes as much money as the football coach?

I even wonder if we have a Governor in the fifty states that makes as much money the state’s top the football coach?

I wonder how many football coaches make more money than our President?

I wonder how many professional baseball, football, hockey or soccer players are millionaires?

I wonder how many people over 18 in America today actually pay no income tax?

I wonder how may college athletes have an IQ over 100?

$20,000,000,000,000.00 It took me 20 seconds to type this number. How many years will it take the young people and especially the females who are trying to get Hillary elected to pay for our “FREEBIE” mentality?

How many people actually read this message?

C Brewer

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4 thoughts on “DESIDERATUMS?

  1. Umm…That should be desiderata, not desideratums. Aside from that small glitch, great post and better wisdom.

    • Thomas H Seigo on said:

      Had Mr. Brewer not used the “s” after the word desiteratum, he would be correct as “desiterata is the plural of desiteratum.

  2. Baxter Henderson on said:

    I did Clyde.

  3. Wally Kittman on said:

    I did & enjoyed it— sorry I can’t answer any of your questions.— wk >

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