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Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


Five years ago my old friend Freddie Keel challenged me to start this blog. He actually created the site and urged me to share my God given ability to write. About three years ago another friend, Kenn Fong, selected and created my masthead with “We the People” as my theme.

As a boy in the 1930’s, having supportive parents, a great school system and a Carnegie Library helped me fulfill my lifelong desire to learn everything possible in my lifetime. I have had a blessed life and I have learned something every day of my 86 years. I deeply enjoy sharing this knowledge with anyone who enjoys learning.

For the past 23 years in retirement I have read into many historical subjects. In this retirement phase of my life I was again challenged by my old boss and mentor, Phillip Sizer, to probe deeply into our Constitutional Republic form of “We the People” government and its history. Should you have any thirst to read about our history and some interesting events, read my articles about our Federal Reserve System and a near secret society called Tavistock.

Folks for the first time in my life, “We the People”, face the most unusual challenge in American history. Never have the majority of our government, Congress, all national forms of the media, past Presidents of both political parties and most the powerful self-interest individuals and groups in America have banded together. Even faced with war and after we were attacked by Japan this massive group has never been this cohesive in their fear of the people electing Donald Trump as our next President.

In my opinion should the people desire to maintain our Congressional Republic form of government they need to speak with powerful words and tell this cabal of political powers that they work for us, “the folks”.  This could be the last opportunity to have a candidate beholden to no one politically

To support my message, I will share a tidbit of news that Tucker Carlson just wrote. He mentioned that most would think the Clinton spree raping the system would be over.

Tuckers words;

“We all knew for a long time that Hillary Clinton (and her husband Bill) were giant crooks. It’s only coming to light now, however, just how extensive their corruption and crimes are. When Bill concluded his presidency, he and Hillary founded the Clinton Foundation, a non-profit charity that had the noble goal of helping disadvantaged people around the world”.

“It’s become apparent, however, that the Clinton’s used their Foundation as a slush fund for a pay-to-play scheme. The sickening thing is that Hillary actively used it like this during her time as Secretary of State. Right foreigners (especially Arab oil billionaires with close ties to terrorism) would donate billions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for access to Hillary in her official State Department capacity. That’s as corrupt as it gets”.

Another friend, Tom Shoemaker just sent me a scenario that could, in my mind start civil war and if it happens a military coup would save the United States from itself. This should scare the daylights out of any sane America, even those on welfare.


“If Hillary wins the election it is my theory that she will never take the oath to be President. Instead President Obama will turn his back and in-fact will encourage the DOJ to indict her on the criminal use of her e-mail and the so called “Clinton Foundation” which is, as Tucker says’ or insinuates, is nothing more than a scam. Upon this taking place it will open the door for Obama to remain in office for a third term”.

“Now, how will this happen, again this is my theory! Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, will be unable to assume those duties as we have a sitting President/Vice President, Donald Trump cannot be inaugurated as he was defeated in the General Election, therefore that will leave Obama in office until another election can be held, which will never happen, thus leaving him to serve another term. After that who is to say, that he has so turned the apparent class warfare, that he will appoint himself as the supreme ruler and continue his destruction of this great nation”.


It would not surprise me if something like this happens. The best way to stop this possible scenario will be to elect Donald Trump. To add my fears to this scary possibility I would not be surprised that if Trump does win, he will be eliminated by our government just like they silenced Justice Scalia recently.          C Brewer

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