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For the past five years I have written and or published over 1030 articles that has been fun. Unfortunately it appears that maybe one or two people actually read my work any longer. I post every article on Facebook where I have 275 friends and my register shows some 650+ people are subscribed to get a copy by E mail. If I am lucky maybe three people some times hit the Facebook “Like” button and “Comments” on my blog might average two a month usually from the same two friends.

This was always fun for me until they keep making computers smarter for someone but not for me. I have had three computers crash since Christmas including one brand new HP I purchased  from Sam’s Club for $500 that lasted about three weeks. I also purchased an extended warranty for $99. Well if you buy something from Sam’s Club getting it serviced is between you and the manufacturer. I was advised to contact HP. As the unit was “DEAD” they insisted I send it to them for analysis. As I had sensitive information I could not erase that was out of the question. They did their job and then Sams said sorry, its your problem and I paid to have it hauled away after removing the hard drive.

Then after being a Sams Club member for 25 years, I joined when they opened their first store in Dallas in 1992, I asked for a refund of my $99 for the extended warranty. They told me I had to contact another company to see if they would refund my money as they sold my warranty to the other company. As I live over 62 miles from the Sams store in Lufkin, TX, Sams warranty is worthless, Sams could care less about me, so I decided to part company with Sams as they had no concerns for my problems. The day after they all but asked me to stop annoying them I got a renewal notice for my $100 annual fee to be allowed to spend my money there. Anyone who lives in a rural area and expects Customer Satisfaction best try somewhere else rather than Sams Club. HP  will also never spend a dime of my money.

I doubt that anyone but the two friends I mentioned will ever read this posting, including my own family, but I can just send them E mails. I am approaching my 87th birthday and closing in on the end of a blessed and wonderful life. I married, Norma, the perfect woman, partner and mother of four fine children 57 years ago come June 23rd, without her love, support and devotion I would have been gone a long time ago.

I tried hard to possibly help others with Conservative Views focused on critical issues but interest waned over these past few months. I do hope I live long enough to see America become United again but after last week when the Republicans suffered self-inflicted suicide, even Trump saving America is over. Washington, our Government and even the Courts have become so corrupt Jesus could not pull the people together again.God Bless America.     C Brewer 

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9 thoughts on “WASTING MY TIME?

  1. Jay Holleman on said:

    Clyde, this is your old doctor from Nacogdoches – Dr. Holleman. I just wanted you to know I, my family, and a few folks I send your emails and blogs to all LOVE your work. I don’t write back as often as I should – certainly not as much as I should considering how much joy I get from your emails/blogs. Can’t say I have ever read anything you write with which I disagree. I am sorry I have not encouraged you more along the way. I toss 95% of my emails but I have a “Clyde” folder that currently has 1,395 saved emails/blogs. Keep researching and writing – you’re too intelligent to stop using your brain! I look forward to your distilled research from your blogs. I’m not on Facebook to “like” anything to show support. However, I support you! Please tell your sweet wife Norma I said hello and I miss you two.

    • You are one of the reasons I am still breathing. I thought we may have lost contact. Other than the Neuropathy I have been plagued with I am on the same medications you had me on when you left Rast Texas. Just hearing from you has perked me up. Sadly Norma is having short term Dementia issues that another Nacogdoches, Dr, Ferraricco is caring for her and we will see him Wednesday. You have re-energized me more than you will ever know. I appreciate all you have done for me and you really encouraged me to continue my writing. Love to all of your family and we miss you. Clyde

  2. I am amazed to find out how many friends really read my writing. It is refreshing to know some do read the blog. Feedback is the only incentive for a writer that works for fun instead of for money. I am hearing from folks I have not heard from in years. I have heard enough to keep publishing my work. Thanks to those who did contact me. CB

  3. Vickey Chau on said:

    Clyde, Doing something you enjoy is never a waste of time. If people don’t respond it is because they may be like me and aren’t smart enough when it comes to politics to offer an intelligent response. I read and take in what you say because I know you follow everything much more closely than I do. Don’t quit writing and expressing your thoughts and opinions just because I can’t think of something valuable to add. I will always keep reading them. Vickey ________________________________

    • You are one of few who know I have worry far beyond my writing. If I had family who understood how important spending what time I have left here in peaceful East Texas it would ease my strain. MOST have forgotten the two people who helped them for many years and will regret not being here when we needed them. I never dreamed that when we needed them that most are just too busy. Currently my plate is full but I will keep writing for the many friend that responded to my last blog. At least we still have friends like you two and many locally who will help us when we need them. My golden years have turned out to be tarnished.

  4. Baxter Henderson on said:

    Not wasting your time as far as I am concerned Clyde. I bought my last two p.c.’s from Dell, online, delivered to the house with all the instructions. Never had any trouble with either of them they just got out of date. Just like the rest of us!

    I too cannot believe the incompetence of the Repubs. Whether you agree or disagree with the ACA one would think they, the Repubs, would have had their ducks in a row after seven years. You and I could have done it in that time!!!!!. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves. They won’t be though, shame is not in their vocabulary!

    At this point I don’t blame Trump. He must be fuming. If nothing else he is a successful business man and to watch these incompetent idiots floundering around must have made him sick! I hope he has the strength to straighten them out.

    Five weeks ago I fell and broke two ribs. No lung damage. The pain has subsided and I am off to the doctor this morning to check on a few other things. Other than that I am kicking goals!

    Three x-rays, three doc visits, and who knows what this afternoon! So far it has cost me nothing out of my pocket!

    Why does the greatest country in the world have so much trouble trying to do the same?

    Keep those cards and letters coming Clyde. I have plans to maybe come over your way in the fall so who knows, maybe we can sort them out ourselves!


    • With friends like you I will never communicating. Washington is broken and I am not sure anyone will ever be able to stabilize America again. These cities that protect aliens that are unfit to live anywhere is sick. I hope they arrest and put some of these Mayors, Governors and Congresspersons in prison. When the truth comes out that Obama and company did in fact wiretap Trump and his team prison is too good for any of them.

  5. Dear Clyde,
    Please count me as one of your loyal readers. I enjoy your knowledge and the way you present it. I don’t respond very often, less often now, but I sure do enjoy your blogs.
    Please keep up the fine work and keep open my eyes and brain to what the government is doing.
    I love you and your family.

    • Connie, I am a lucky person to have so many friends. The aging process takes some strange twists an I have been planning for my departure with Trusts, desires, atc and another issue Lisa can share with you. The article I just posted about life was one of the best advice old folks can enjoy. All could enjoy but as I said most will not even read it and too many will not understand the message. Thanks for your kind words and I hope you and Karl can come to Surfside this year.

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