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WordPress has been a lot of fun over the last 10 years and gave me a simple foremat to publish 1169 articles and build an audience that enjoy my wide range of subjects. Having worked in 23 countries and visit in 9 more has provided me knowledge of lifestyles, knowledge, heritage, different religions and meet hundreds of new friends worldwide.

I spent the first 32 years, after serving in the US Navy with 31/2 years on activite duty before and during the Korean war. I was no hero but I met, admired and walked beside some Hero’s I will never forget. I spent 27 years in the Aesospace life with one company that changed names several times and was acquired by Lockheed-Martin after my departure. From there I was employed by Otis Engineering, a wholly owned and large Corporation as a Halliburton subsidy.

I joined Otis in 1978 and spent five wonderful years as Director of Quality and had my first experience of responsibility in the foriegn world. I got to see the sands of Saudi Arabia, the tulips and Shell in the Neatherlands, the Fjoirds of Norway, the thrift of Scotland and mant other foriegn and domestic US States. I was introduced to regulation of oil and gas wells, the regulatory requirements managed by the Department of the Interior (Now the Department of Energy.) who used balanced Committees to commicate so much easier that the single source of quality demands like the DOD. Our Government will never share what each other use to assure they get what they pay for. Later as a consultant I authored the first Quality System Requirements, Q-1, for the petroleium industry and administered by the American Petroleium Institute, API)

Today I am 88 and still have complete mental access and knowledge and own a large part of Quality Systems Registrar, the first US owned company to be Accredited to issue certifications to the myraid os companies worldwide. We are 28 years old and have the respect of some 400 companies, a few foriegn.

I am writing this maybe for the last time I will try to use WordPress and maybe the last article of my life. I had knee replacement surgury on June 4th and it is a procedure that is painful and if you bypass adequate therapy it can be painful forever. This was a planned event. Before I left the hospital in Lufkin Texas nine days later I had two Pacemakers installed. The first one was not working satisfactorily. I spent 24 more days in the hospital here where I live in Hemphill Texas, completing therapy..

While I was hospitalized I supposed WordPress which was simple, easy for people like me who can’t or won’t to be a Nerd. They changed the entire system used to create an article. The erased all of my files used to code the articles to mimize the ability of a user to find material he needs to use by catagory, time frame, and other identy to save him time and provide feedback to the author.. I pay for other options that will never be recovered. I have written several request to WordPress for help and the answers I receive tell me they have now aquired so many Nerds who thrive on confusion to bastardize a simple system that will likely help me if I pay more. I do not know if there is a simple system availabe. If you know of one please share it with me. It saddens me that I will lose access to the material I have created these 10 years and I am not certain I will continue to write anymore. If this is my last article thanks for your interest, some who have been reading my work for the entire ten or so years.

GO TRUMP, fight for “Term Limits” and the Swamp will drain itself.

Clyde Brewer

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2 thoughts on “PROGRESS ????

  1. Clyde,
    I am so sad for you. I can’t imagine how you feel.
    I pray for a solution to this huge problem.
    Love, Connie

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