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I am in the Sabine County Hospital/Texas for physical therapy on my left and second total knee replacement in the last eight months. To all of my friends who responded to my last message, thank you dearly. After you read this I hope you agree, God, loaned me an Angel.

Norma Dean Maxey arrived on this earth August 30, 1938 in Frisco Texas. Our paths crossed when she was about 13 as I rode to work and worked with her father, who was my also my supervisor. Fate or God had us living only 2 blocks apart. With a normal Texas life she lived with her parents and her dad was transferred to Garland TX. One event was when she graduated from Grand Prairie High School my first wife and I treated Norma and her best friend Paula Martin to a concert featuring Fats Domino and Little Richard in Dallas.

Later and after I was divorced by my first wife I had not seen Norma for some 3 years. Her Dad and I were in a meeting together and he invited me over one evening for dinner. Some six months later we were married. Next June 23rd will be our 59th anniversary.

We have four wonderful children and I fathered 3 others who are all retired. Currently and counting spouses, I have 49 dependents. If I live long enough I will write a story about this group, that would make anyone proud.

My Angel’s phrases that are still in service. First one is “Can I help”, slightly adjusted to “What can I do to help. I try so many ways to let her help but she can’t usually remember she has asked me when she utters the last word.

Our first 13 years found me working long hoursand often going 14 days and never see the kids awake.  She never complained and took care of business. We lived our first 12 years with only one car. At one time we had three baby beds, and three in diapers at one time. There were no disposable diapers and they had to be washed  several times each day.

She now sleeps at least 12 hours a night and catnaps in her Lazy Boy throughout the day. About 20 months ago with the help of our baby daughter we found her a miniature Poodle at the local rescue agency in Hemphill. Brina

Is the focus of her life. Making her responsible for the dogs care gets her out of the chair several times a day.

Those who remember her beautiful gardens, her love for birds and her tidy home would not believe life here today. The initial event that caught my eye was her insistence that  our checkbook was balanced at all times. She just suddenly ignored this task. When I asked her why, she just said it was my time to let her retire.

We moved to Sabine County Texas after our baby daughter married hopefully for our last phase of life. We have a lake home I designed on the shores of Toledo Bend Lake. This has been home for the last 26 years. Life here is wonderful, no need for clean air regulations. Lowest taxes in Texas and 21 miles to the closest Walmart in Louisiana  

Norma now need care, love and help for the rest of her life. I am making sure she is pampered which is now my job.  Watching my Angel disappear is the most painful event of my 88 years. Losing the love of my life at my advanced age leaves little to look forward to.

I intend to write a series of articles that might help others with this terrible malady. I am learning my new responsibilities and please help me explain this terrible medical condition to others. Share your stories with me and I will share them with others.

Clyde Brewer

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  1. Jay Holleman on said:

    Thank you for this entry Clyde. So rich and full and deep and real and loving. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Baxter Henderson on said:

    Know where you are coming from old chum. It is all so damn hard and emotionally wrenching. Would you like me to contribute the things I have been going through with Delyse these last few years?

    Just as an aside. Now that Delyse has passed away the insurance company, Bupa, who held the accommodation funds while Delyse was in their home, are making it difficult for me to get the money back. It is a considerable sum $210,000. I have to get a Grant of Probate from the Supreme Court so that Bupa will actually release her funds to me as beneficiary. Despite the fact that I am the only beneficiary on her Will, Bupa do not recognise that until I get the grant. So far there have been lawyers letters, emails personal appearances, etc. I have to get her doctors from 6 years ago to certify that she was of sound mind to sign a Will. She passed away on 15 December and so far I have only got one Doctor to say he will send a letter this week. Bupa love it. The longer Bupa have my money they make more they make. This despite the fact that I had to cash my superannuation to give them the money in the first place. They don’t tell you all this when they hold out their hand at the start!

    I am going to write to Aged Care once this is resolved to make them aware of it.

    Anyway would you like a letter exploring my experiences? Not the financial stuff just the illness.


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